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Other Pawpress Books and Press Releases

New Programs/Releases from Pawpress, and readers', library and media reviews

bullet Ina Reads from her novel in progress about mice at IWOSC Reads Its Own, Feb. 21, 2021
bullet Ina to moderate a panel Mar. 31, 2021: Writing successfully for Children in Today's Complex Time. Panelists include Elizabeth Martin, co-writer of Disney's Mulan, Marilyn Scott-Waters,, Laura Taylor Namey, NYT bestselling author of Reese’s Book Club pick Nov. 2021, more.
bullet Ina's Writing Workshops for adults -- Footprints Writing Clubs
bullet You Are Who You Eat,The Revolutionary New Diet, by Ina Silvert Hillebrandt and Uncle Dan, illustrated by Dedini.  Press Releases. Video-Man on the street  Reviews Video at UCLA
bullet New Intergenerational Program Pilot Tested at UCLA. Adaptable for other university/high school student-senior programs. Curriculum designed to:
  • Improve intergenerational communication
  • programming and facilities for seniors
  •  Provide community service credit and experience for students

Photo Gallery and Story
Press Release
Article in Not Born Yesterday

bullet Ina's online and on PBS stations in Ina's Grief Lifters Workshops, part of college level online course helping families deal with loss of family members at

Historical events

bullet Ina to appear on Women's National Book Association - LA Panel at WEHO, Sept. 28th  
bullet Ina appears at Dutton's Bookshop Oct. 14
Press Release: Award Winning Author and Publisher Ina Hillebrandt Spices up Memoir Workshops with Flights of Fancy

bullet Press release: Pawpress expands Author/President of Pawpress Ina Hillebrandt will be discussing new options at Pawpress, and navigating the subsidy press waters for authors on panel at WEHO
bullet Hillebrandt to make guest appearances as featured speaker and author at WEHO, as well as appear at her imprint's booth, Pawpress/Pawprints Literacy Plus, Booth #12F. Ina and Pawprints Players, senior writing group, to perform Spoken Word selections at Robertson Coffee HouseSee press release above, and check for details on our Pawprints Updates page.
bullet Hillebrandt invited to appear on Storytelling Panel for IWOSC, Independent Writers of Southern California. Click for more info
bullet Press Release New! Ina appears at Burbank Public Library. 65 show up, including an Emmy award winning comedy writer. Click to read sponsor Librarian Louise Paziak's comments, and attendees' reactions. (please scroll to "Book Report" after clicking and reaching new page).
bullet featured Grief Lifters in a segment on Aging, #17 in its "Our Families, Ourselves" program. The program was shown nationally on PBS as well for online classes.
bullet Media on the connections between Ina Hillebrandt's Grief Lifters, support group for people who have lost someone close, and Ina's Writing Writing Clubs
bullet Stories From The Heart, Vol. 1
Reader reviews online here
bullet Stories From The Heart, Vol. 2

Online reviews reader reviews
Press Release Bestseller
Press Release: Ice Cream Social Spoken Word with Music by authors reading snippets from the book
bullet Stories From The Heart, Vol. 3
More Enchanting Tales and Imagination Tools
To Help You Write Better Memoirs
Press Release, Ice Cream Social Book Launch Party
bullet Pawpress announces new book release: Sensual Spirit...poetry and thoughts from the place where body and soul meet, by Chrystine Julian.
"What a rapturous book!" Gayle Brandeis, bellwether prize winning author, "The Book of Dead Birds," and other books
Read press release. Read more about the book.
bullet How to Write Your Memoirs ... Fun Prompts that Make  Writing ... and Reading ... Your Life Stories a Pleasure! New video
Reader reviews online here reviews
InaTheMemoirCoach, Books, tools, writing,  workshops for memoir and fiction writers  
bullet picks Stories From The Heart, Vol. 22 for its a-list
Press release
bullet About Pawprints Writing Clubs (now Footprints Writing Clubs
bullet Press Release: Ice Cream Social
Ice Cream Social/Autograph/Readings with Music celebrating senior authors' first-time book hitting bestseller list
bullet Press Release: Pawprints Writing Club Seniors hit the stage at WEHO (West Hollywood) Book Fair 
bullet About the Footprints Writing Clubs for Seniorss
bullet Media story on Ina's Pawprints Writing Clubs  
bullet Press release: FUPPPS, growing quickly, moves to its own site,
bullet Announcing the birth of FUPPPS, the Federation of Unacknowledged Partnerships among Pooches, Pussycats and Sturgeons. is proud to host the organization supporting same sex NIPtuals among pets and other critters.


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