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Click also on the sites below to help our furry, feathered and slithery relations, and humans! You'll also find some ideas of sites FYF (For Your Fun)

Self Improvement from is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement on the Internet.


The Federation of Unacknowledged Partners among Pooches Pussycats and Sturgeons
Supporting the right to same sex
for all critters

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Simply the best veterinarian services in Los Angeles

Sells healthy homemade human grade dog treats and cakes. The dog treats and cakes are 100% safe, healthy, and made with love straight from our kitchen.

This one is a bit different for us here, but it's a great site for those of you who love to indulge a guilty pleasure of watching reality TV. You can see snippets from a lot of different shows, and also, blog notes from and to the creator, my daughter. :)

Here's a nifty set of sites to help you create a super name for your pet!
Developed by a cool lady who loves animals, and is even kind to people!

Check out these wonderful coloring pages for kids! Just click the picture. Or copy and paste the link in your browser window:

Free Pets Birthday Ecards From

Pets are a part of the family. They are fun to be with, they make everyday fun.
When it's your loved one's Pet's Birthday, send a wish across to him or her,
it'll make his or her day all the more special. 
Free Pets Birthday Ecards From


Pet Classifieds
Share your pet pictures with other pet lovers, post pet
classifieds for free, read our pet care articles and health advices
in order to learn more about your pet. Add your pet pictures today at!
Cocker Spaniel Show
Breeder Organization

We are pleased to be included in our friend the dragon's
world of highly creative educational programs for kids!
Find more inspiring educational resources
-- with wonderful music -- at:

Cocker Spaniel Rescue
of New England

A fine organization helping pets in need get new homes, medical and other vital help.

A Resource Guide For Our
Human & Animal Friends

Raising Awareness and Connecting Each Other to Share
Comfort, Kindness, Healing, Teaching and Acceptance
Visit the home of
and see wonderful wee folk dwellings
created by the immensely talented John Crawford,
as featured on TV. And as John reminds us,
"Remember to leave chocolate out for them."



Visit and for more of Carolyn Allen's exceptional artwork and practical yet creative management services.

Looking for ideas for naming your new furry friend? Try:

Cat and dog names based on
color, gender, country of origin and other categories.

Mainly Feel-Good Photos for You

2003 Karyn Giss.  Karyn has Human Beans on Her Site,
but as you can see from the photo above, she takes super kitty (and doggie) candids. 
See contact info and more of her photos on our site.

 Search Engine Submission and Internet Marketing
For search engine listings service visit
Talented performers with a big heart for literacy,
kindness to animals, humans and the planet
A wonderful group of artists who contribute to the community,
and each inspiration to keep any artist
---------------------------------------  --------------------------------------- offers used textbooks and college
textbooks price comparisons and shopping.
Corporate Event Entertainment & Corporate Comedians offers quality corporate event entertainment,
which features some of the best corporate comedy around
For you writers out there: Get books published
Writers' Contest
Visit for kid and pet humor, and products
Compare prices on over 50,000+ cat products and supplies
including cat furniture, exercise pens, cages and gates, climbers, toys and more at

Pet supplies with free shipping on all orders that total $100 or more.
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A collection of cute dog cards and funny doggie ecards. Send a heartfelt message to your loved ones who has recently loss his/her dogs or whose dog is sick with our loss of dog cards and sick dog cards.
Also wish your friends lots of fun with our dog cards and ecards on getting a new pup

As you might have guessed, we love the outdoors as well as animals at InasPawPrints.  Here's a tip about a site that outdoors folks who like to bike find remarkably helpful.  The link below takes you directly to the biking section of the site.  While you're there, check into some of the scientific writings.  Provocative.

"We tried one more recommended pub, which was in a hotel on the main street, where two guitarists and a fiddler were playing Irish jigs. After a song or two, we walked back to our hotel.  As we approached the front door of the darkened hotel around midnight, there was Simba, lying on the front steps.  I walked around him, and he never stirred.  He was, perhaps as they said, the laziest dog in the world.  But he was at his post."



  "This next picture shows a typical scene along the road to Ballyduff."  

Note: That speck you see in the center is the biker's friend.  Both photos are larger on Bob's site, and you'll also find detailed photos of such gear as special GPS equipment, with info on the differences in settings in other countries vs. here in the U.S., plus tips on bike paths, hotels, restaurants.



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