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  IMMEDIATE RELEASE              
June 2, 2003                                                                                    
CONTACT:    Anna
Phone: 310. 471.5048    Fax: 310.471.7528



The Book Kids Are Reading To Their Parents – and Parents are Reading to Pets –
Finds A Niche As An Educational Tool, and a Fun Read


"Pawprints," a collection of quirky, uplifting vignettes about close encounters with animals and other furry moments in life, by Ina Hillebrandt, has reached the Top Seller list on

In addition to kids reading stories to their parents, many teachers are using "Pawprints" as an inspiration for reading and creative writing. They also say it brings in science – observation of living creatures, environmental education – as it makes literacy fun. Teachers and parents note kids are "writing from the heart," "thinking differently," "reading more," and "increasing their vocabularies." They like the book’s focus on respect for animals and the environment, and the way its stories – and the exercises author Hillebrandt created and published in the companion workbook, "The Student Prints" – causes kids to want to be kinder to fellow humans as well as animals.

Maxwell Yerger, reading specialist/trainer and science teacher at New York City’s Wagner Middle School, said, "‘Pawprints’ is a new form of ‘Great Literature.’ I’d call it ‘Catalytic Literature,’ because it has the power to act as a catalyst to change the way people think, about animals and the environment." He based his views on reaction papers from 125+ students such as, "‘Pawprints’ has changed the way I feel about animals. I used to dislike animals. Now I like them all, except pigeons."

Other teachers' comments: "I’m really delighted to see ‘Pawprints’ on the best seller list. I hope it will help encourage people to write, and to love and care for animals, and each other. I feel wonderful when kids light up as they receive their certificates of achievement, and when they write they’re going to: ‘Stop kicking my friends,’ ‘Volunteer to help at an animal shelter,’ ‘Tell my cousins to stop running up to pigeons and scaring them.’"

Hillebrandt conducts writing workshops for children, and is introducing a series for Seniors this summer. She is a Fortune 500 consultant, and creator of The UN-Workshops – stress reduction, creativity, team-building and other programs – based on humor power to enhance personal and professional life. She has been known to dress in a cat suit, complete with tail and ears, and go to pet shops and recreation centers to read to dogs and their people. Hillebrandt currently makes her home in Los Angeles, where she lives with two cats and all their friends who drop in for dinner. She has a grown daughter, who also drops in often with friends for a free meal.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION about "Pawprints" Ó the book, the Pawprints Literacy Plus ProgramÔ and Writing Clubs, and the Pawprints Literacy Plus Foundation,Ô media and readers are invited to take a paws at the website, or E-mail Anna at


MEDIA             To obtain a review copy of the book "Pawprints," please contact
                          Pawpress at 310.471-5048.   Ina is available for interviews.  Please see
bio attached.

Pawpress, Brentwood Village, P.O. Box 492213    Los Angeles, CA 90049

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