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Sixth grade science teacher Max Yerger, adult and child reading specialist/trainer, now teaching science at NY City's Wagner Middle School, gave over 125 students copies of "Pawprints" to read. Mr. Yerger then asked the students to write "reaction papers" to the stories.  Their comments led him to declare, "'Pawprints' defines a new form of 'Great Literature' - 'Catalytic Literature.' The book has the power to change the way people think and feel about animals, and the environment." Here are a few samples from the students in his class:

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"This book has changed my attitude toward animals. I used to dislike animals. Now I like them all, except pigeons."
Albun Pfeldakas                                                                        


"The story 'Rapscallion P. Cat, a.k.a. Rapper' is odd. I like oddities.

"But what really drew me in was,    'Since I proved to be such a  good student, he later taught me how to play fetch.' Animals do teach.

"That also reminds me of a saying: 'Wise men try to discover the language of animals, while simple men have always known it.'"
Sharang Tickoo



"Nature is beautiful through the tales of 'Pawprints.'" 
Jade Polay


"The poem ‘Raccoon in a Can’ really touched my heart. I feel so sorry for the little raccoon. He has to search in the garbage can just for food. I wouldn’t like that. If I were a teacher I would read this aloud to my class, because I want them to know how animals live."
Michelle Ma


"I am going home and tell my cousins to stop running toward pigeons and scaring them." Sharon Wang


"I think the things she does with animals are cool. She should be on Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel. .. It is really weird the way the bird was spitting at her...The stories have good titles...I can imagine all of this happening in my mind. These stories are descriptive."
Eric Mareth


"I really liked the stories. They were interesting, funny, cute and great. I liked ‘Toilet Lips,’ ‘Pawprints,’ ‘A Dog’s Cheer,’ and ‘Cindy and the Laser Printer.’ They are really funny stories, that make me want to go out and get 50 cats as pets or something. My cat (Tom) is really funny, and does some of the things in the book. The book reminds me of him, and he reminds me of the book. I really, really liked the book, and hope you write more….P.S. I like  ‘A Hummingbird got me as well!’"
Olivia McGill


"This book is all about animals...her adventures with animals...I have done a couple of these things myself.  Some of the stories are also her point of view about pets.  This book was exciting.  I like the way she discussed animals.  If I were a teacher, I would have my class read it.  I think my class would enjoy reading this book, especially the animal lovers." 
Erin Yogasandram


"I think 'Pawprints' affected me by making me think about how we can learn from animals.  That we're not special, we're just as important as the other animals.  We should take more notice of them." 
Morgan G. Long 




"I like this book because the stories were heart-warming...  When I hear the stories it makes me want to get close to the animal and play with it.  When you read it, it just makes you like animals more." 
Jian Liang


"I feel that 'Pawprints' really showed me a lot about the true amazement of animals. I have had plenty of animals in my life and I love that!  I am glad to have read stories like those!" 
Alyson Nagle


"When I read 'Pawprints,' it reminded me of animals and how much Ina (the author) has so many experiences with animals, even the ones I've never seen before, like raccoons or others.  My fave story is 'Handsome, World's Best Dog' because dogs are my fave animals and I like how it ended, all happy and good feeling inside."  Madevi Sen-Suon




"These stories are kind of strange, but I like them."  
Chanysher Vadim

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