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Sept. 30, 2005                                         

CONTACT:    INA Cell: 310-497-5653



To Celebrate Stories From The Heart, Vol. 2,  New Bestseller By First-Time Authors Mainly 75+ (With A Callow Youth Of 55+ And A Couple Of Kids In Their 60s)


WHAT: Spoken word with music by veteran swing and jazz duo Ira Westley (Harry James Orchestra, film musician/composer) and Harrison Stevens (renowned guitarist with a zillion film spots to his credit) …

Revitalize with these talented musicians and senior authors, mainly first-timers in a book, as they read selections from their early and more recent days. Everything from great grape fiascos to wars…touching, comic, tender, frightening, insightful memories narrated in the distinctive voices of Angelenos originally from India, Hungary, South Africa, Poland and the U.S.

“At Cherbourg, we took the Orient Express to Budapest…” “Winkie was part of a litter produced from an illicit affair between Bunny’s Great Dane and the neighbor’s boxer…”
“Africa grips me by the throat. Shakes me like a dog with a rat, refusing to let me go…”

Emceed by bestselling author and pet humorist Ina, of a certain age herself, creator of the Pawprints Writing Clubs™ that fostered the new bestselling anthology. The authors will sign autographs and join the crowd at the booth for more readings later. Special prices on books.

WHEN: OCT. 2, 11:15 – NOON p.m.

WHERE: WEHO BOOK FAIR, 647 N. San Vicente Blvd., W. Hollywood 90069. Spectacular Stories Stage
and Pawprints Literacy Plus Foundation Booth #72, 10-6

SPECIAL: SALE PRICES on “Stories from the Heart, Vol. 2,” and other books from Pawprints Writers, plus Ina’s bestseller "Pawprints," and other Pawprints goodies.

PLEASE NOTE SPECIAL FOR KATRINA-RITA PETS: At the Pawprints Literacy Plus Foundation, we are dedicated, year-round, to kindness to animals as well as literacy. At this time of terrible calamity and thousands of stranded and terrified furry friends in the Gulf, we have formed a special program to highlight the importance of taking care of pets in need from Katrina-Rita. We have information on what people can do, and projects they can join to help us help. We are donating $1 from the sale of every Pawprints item sold, plus we are asking people for separate contributions. We are a 501 (c) (3). All donations are tax deductible, and so very needed. Funds will go direct to animal rescue organizations working on KATRINA-RITA pet rescue and relief.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: The authors and Ina are available for interviews. For more information about the event, the authors, the Pawprints Writing Clubs,
Stories From The Heart, Vols. 1 and 2, of any of the books used in the program – Pawprints, How to Write Your Memoirs…Fun Prompts to Make Writing … and Reading … Your Life Stories a Pleasure – media and readers are invited to take a paws at the website, or call Jennifer at . NOTE: All books are available on To go direct to the new Stories From The Heart on, please include entire title, Stories From The Heart, Vol. 2. For directions or other info about WEHO, please go to and click Book Fair. (FOR MEDIA ONLY: review copies of books available)

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION about "Pawprints"Ó the book, the Pawprints Literacy Plus ProgramÔ and Writing Clubs, and the Pawprints Literacy Plus Foundation,Ô media and readers are invited to take a paws at the website, or E-mail Anna at


To obtain a review copy of the book "Pawprints," "Stories From The Heart," or others in our list,  please contact Anna at Pawpress at 310.471-5048.   Please see author/writing coach Ina Hillebrandt's bio attached.

Pawpress, Brentwood Village, P.O. Box 492213    Los Angeles, CA 90049

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