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  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE            CONTACT: Anna (310) 471-5048
   Feb. 15, 2005                                                     
                     Chrystine Julian:
(909) 964-6355                                                                                                                                                    


"Sensual Spirit, poetry and thoughts from the place where body and soul meet,"
a "Rapturous book" by talented "modern day poet seer" Chrystine Julian,
launches new category for Pawpress


Pawpress is proud to introduce a new line of books in the categories of spirit, mind-body and literature, and especially proud to debut our new line with Sensual Spirit, the work of Chrystine Julian, an extraordinary poet whose writing engenders high regard in the world of poetry, and speaks powerfully to people who are not regulars to the form as well.

In this, her first full-length book, Chrystine demonstrates why she has been proclaimed "an amazing modern day poet seer" by The Wellness Times, and earned this praise from Gayle Brandeis, author of "Fruitflesh, Seeds of Inspiration for Women that Write," "Self Storage," and the Bellwether Prize winner, "The Book of Dead Birds": "What a rapturous book! Chrystine Julian weds wit and wisdom, body and spirit in these poems. Her warmth, humor and deep insight radiate off every page." And from a non-poet, "I read the first two or three poetry writings from your book today. WOW! Such magic in how you write. It is transforming." Rachel Forsythe, Laughter Yoga instructor.

The collection in Sensual Spirit emerges from Chrystine’s shamanic and mystic experiences of blurring the line between body and soul. She sews images of passion, love, longing and social consciousness into a complex quilt of words. As literature, Sensual Spirit is well crafted modern verse that is delightful to read aloud. As mysticism it follows the tradition of ancient wisdom keepers, using the carnal to explore the spiritual and the ethereal to understand the down to earth world. 

Brief bio…

Chrystine Julian is a prolific poet, business executive, workshop leader, drummer and spiritual teacher. Her poetry is frequently incorporated into music, art, dance and community events across the country, and has been published in periodicals and anthologies both domestically and internationally. Her career has spanned many fields including retail, music, radio and wholesale distribution. Chrystine is currently based in Southern California as Corporate Director of Communications for a national distribution and retail services company. She appears regularly in a wide variety of Southern California venues. A full listing of upcoming appearances can be found on her website,

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information about the book and the author, media and readers are invited to visit the website,, and NOTE: Sensual Spirit is available at selected bookstores and on (FOR MEDIA ONLY: to schedule an interview, or for review copies of Sensual Spirit, please contact Ms. Julian.


Pawpress, Brentwood Village, P.O. Box 492213    Los Angeles, CA 90049

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