Announcing FUPPPS, new animal gay rights activist organization  NEWS RELEASE
  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  MEDIA CONTACT:    Ina Hillebrandt
   February 6, 2004                                                                        
Phone: 310. 471.5048 Fax: 310.471.7528


Van Nuys, California, FUPPPS Headquarters: FUPPPS -- The Federation of Unacknowledged Partnerships among Pooches, Pussycats and Sturgeons -- reports their offices are becoming littered with faxes as people and pets from all over the world respond to FUPPPS’ growing alarm over presidential candidates’ reluctance to speak out on the issue of same sex marriage for pets.

The movement is gaining momentum all over the country, and indeed, around the world, as veterinarians, pet food providers, pet store owners and pet licensing agencies have all joined forces with FUPPPS members to demand U.S. candidates come forward with answers to the question, "Where do you stand on gay marriage for pets?" 

"Folks are in an uproar!" reports Sandy Shumish, founder of FUPPPS, as she points to letters from Australia, Great Britain, and the U.S from Maine to Seattle. "Why have we been neglecting this issue that’s so crucial to our cherished friends?" Mail, which can be seen on the FUPPPS website, has been pouring in. For example,

TO: FUPPPS Central Offices, Van Nuys, CA


I think you guys better do a re-count!  The number of pets in the US of A is actually dropping! Our papers have been littered with stories of pets fleeing to safe havens in Canada, where they can wed in peace.

I know first-hand. My own dear Sally and Helen just faxed me from Toronto. I miss them terribly. Everyone should certainly sign your petition! I have, and I’ve spread the word to all my buddies.

Ralph Peterwell
Heartsick in San Francisco, CA

Before making their choice at the polls, American voters need to know that the candidate they back is committed to upholding this basic right for all our dear friends!  With 612,453,023 pets in America, each voice adds strength to a sizeable voting bloc indeed! is proud to recommend the website for FUPPPS. We invite you to help us support FUPPPS by signing the pet-ition at Join the campaign to demand candidates present position papers so we know where they stand on this important issue!




Contact FUPPPS at  (310) 471-5048
Visit FUPPPS today at

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