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How to Write Your Memoirs' by Ina Hillebrandt...Makes writing your life histories fun!
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More about Chester's new book, From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist

Adventures with Pawpress Author Chester L. Richards and Ina Hillebrandt

Our newest series, Adventures with Pawpress Author Chester L. Richards and Ina Hillebrandt, takes viewers from The Great Music Stands Adventure to Flying Rockets in Space is Fun. There's also the story of the man Chester called Uncle Bob, who invented the engine that earned Ford first place at Le Mans, featured in the film in Ford v Ferrari.  

Do tune in, pull up a chair and travel with us to the adventures of a lifetime, from his new book, From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist. We think you'll agree with Ina and Chester's growing list of fans -- he's a most lively, riveting storyteller, with a fine sense of wry. Find the videos mentioned here and others coming soon in the playlist on our channel.

Chester and Ina on YouTube   Read more about the author and book

"You Are Who You Eat?"

"The Revolutionary New Cannibal Diet?"

Well, have you been trying to lose weight? Forever? Alrighty, then. Have we got a plan for you! You Are Who You Eat has weight loss tips - like "Lay off fried people" -- that apply to all of us, cannibal and civilian alike. Sprinkled liberally with social satire marinated in cannibal jokes and lore, and highly seasoned with cartoons by world renowned "Playboy, Esquire, and The New Yorker artist Dedini. To find out more, watch people react to the book, and to author Ina Hillebrandt....and watch your fingers.

See Albert, shown here debating with himself, "Is this a diet book? It's not something you see every day. A naked lady and a diet for her. It's funny!"

More videos of readers and of Ina in "Cannibals Invade The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, in which she discusses a new recipe from her upcoming "Cannibal Home Companion."

You Are Who You Eat

Author Ina Hillebrandt on Pawprints, Concerti, and more

In this playlist, Ina Hillebrandt on Pawprints and Concerti, we see that Ina loves lots of things: Laughing, squirrels, cats, dogs, horses, raccoons, Brazilian music (check "Concerto for Percussion and Yawn"), and her daughter Nicole. All of this came together when a gaggle of squirrels had a picnic on her lap. Honored by their trust, she refused to wash their little paw prints from her slacks. And her first book, Pawprints, was born. Thanks so much, from Ina, to the folks at WXEL for covering this booksigning at Liberty Books in Palm Beach, FL, and for sharing it periodically on your show.

Also in this playlist, Irwin Zucker, legendary book industry icon and host extraordinaire presents Ina with the IRWIN (Industry Recognition of Writers in the News) Award.

Tune in Oct. 22 and Oct. 23 to see Book Award presented by Desiree Duffy, at The BookFest ®.


Pawprints, Concerti, Irwin Zucker

Tuba and bass player Ira Westley, a veteran of the Harry James Band, responding to Ina's question, based on a story he was tellling:
"I think we all want to know, when was the last time you went to a strip joint?"

"Stories From The Heart" Authors Win Hearts

Footprints Writing Clubs Stories From The Heart Authors glow as they share stories of their lives onstage. In the audience at the Pawpress Ice Cream Social book launch, film composer Bebe Barron said, "I want to get to know them all!" (Ms. Barron, with husband Louis, introduced electronic music to film in "Forbidden Planet.")

The Footprints Writing Clubs playlist includes stories by Holocaust survivor David Brook, world renowned artist and writer Andre van Zijl on how his native South Africa "grabs [me] by the throat and won't let me go,"  effervescent Kay Roberts, creator of Norman B. Gnome and our Fairy Tales for Grownups, reading "Cookies," and other oddments as only Kay could, and other talented Footprints writers. The snippet here features our Ice Cream Social Book Launch of Vol. 2, bestseller of Stories From The Heart.

Note of thanks from Ina: We are forever grateful to Ellen Gaines, Director at Felicia Mahood Senior Center, and City of LA Department of Recreation and Parks, for sponsoring Footprints program, including Ice Cream Social book launches.

Footprints Writing Clubs

The Fall 2022 BookFest®

Join in the quest for new stories at your soon-to-be favorite book festival. Black Chateau Enterprises and Books That Make You bring you The BookFest®.
With events showcasing prominent authors, literary luminaries, journalists, speakers, thought leaders, and publishing professionals, you don’t want to miss a thing!

Check out the exciting events

Join Chester and Ina Oct 22 4:30 pm PT

Join Author Chester L. Richards and Ina at The BookFest ®

The Adventure of a Lifetime Chat with Chester L. Richards
What happens when your life takes you from an encounter with the The Great Potato to becoming an aerospace engineer? What happens when you go from co-writing an episode of the original Star Trek to whitewater rafting?
Memoirist Chester L. Richards discusses his many adventures with Ina the Memoir Coach and President of Pawpress, Ina Hillebrandt

#ChesterLRichards #TheBookFest #FromThePotatoToStarTrek #StarTrek #BlackChateau #Beatrice Adenodi #ClimateChange #ThoughtLeaders #ProminentAuthors #BookGiveaways



Pawpress is proud to announce our new baby -- From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond: Memoirs of a Rocket Scientist. Now available worldwide. Get your copy now at the links below or at your favorite bookseller.

Picture of Cover of 'From The Potato to Star Trek and Beyond'


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