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Announcing the arrival of STORIES FROM THE HEART, VOL. 2

 From great grape fiascos to wars ...
Wit and wisdom  from South Africa, India, Poland, Hungary and the U.S.
Memoirs by Ina Hillebrandt's Pawprints Writing Club


Pawpress is proud to announce bestseller status has been conferred on our new book of memoirs, STORIES FROM THE HEART, VOL. 2, a collection of poignant, funny, tender, frightening, insightful memories narrated in the distinctive voices of Angelenos originally from a range of continents, countries and times.

A Los Angeles lady long active in literary, music and art worlds in the U.S. and abroad,  said this of our new collection of memoirs:

"These words are alive!  Andre Van Zijl, with his 'Amen, amen, amen,' and 'Africa grips me by the throat' -- he's really a poet.  And 'Joey Kowalski was my boyfriend, I think,' the first line in a story by Jane Madeline -- completely charming.  Eliza Crawford is really funny (the lady who writes of 'Nak' - snake - festivals, grew up in India during the time of the British empire).  And David Brooks, there's a line of his in here that is just one sentence, but so powerful...'I am convinced that the first German word the Pole learned was Juden, Jew.'  ...  Kay Roberts' 'I was born the first day they sold beer after the repeal of Prohibition,' and the stories of encounters with bees written in response to an in-class prompt, 'Describe your first bee sting experience.' The stories are so honestly written, they are wonderful -- refreshing, and all different.  I  love the photographs, too, and the drawings."

The book contains illustrations by Mr. Van Zijl, an artist with works in museums around the world, a sketch by Jane Madeline, and a few photographs of bygone times. 

Stories From The Heart, Vol. 2 is the creation of writers attending author Ina Hillebrandt's Pawprints Writing Club™ .  Classes are held on a weekly basis in Los Angeles.  For locals considering joining the group, and others interested in capturing the memories of their own lives, the authors hope this book serves as a beacon and that they, too, can find a way to "open the floodgates."  Indeed, the lady quoted above went on to describe moments in her own rich life, colorful memories that were triggered as she read snippets from the book.

For anyone who might be considering writing about their lives, Pawpress also offers a how-to book, How to Write Your Memoirs -- Fun Prompts that Make Reading -- and Writing -- Your Life Stories a Pleasure.  The book "makes it easy" to capture life stories, according to users, by providing photographs and story starters, useful and fun cues to spark the memory banks, and practical tips on organizing thoughts.  Author Hillebrandt, notes in a preface,  based on her work on creativity with people in the public and in fortune 500 companies, that most people either think they can't write, or that no one will care.  But, she says, "Here are some reasons you might consider taking time out to sit down and inscribe your memories: Because your kids and grandkids will be thrilled to find out more about you; because writing your recollections will also help you...Memories can bring a great deal of joy to us.  Those that are difficult can lead us to closure finally.  Once we allow them to come out of the closet, they just plain lose their power over us...Finally, because it really isn't nearly as hard as you think."  And, she also points out,  it's fun!

Hillebrandt is an author and speaker, Fortune 500 consultant, and creator of The Pawprints Literacy Plus Foundation, and The UN-Workshops – stress reduction, creativity, team-building and other programs – based on humor power to enhance personal and professional life. She has been known to dress in a cat suit, complete with tail and ears, and go to pet shops and recreation centers to read to dogs and their people. Hillebrandt currently makes her home in Los Angeles, where she lives with two cats and all their friends who drop in for dinner. She has a grown daughter, who also drops in  with friends when in town for a free meal.

NOTE:  Both books, along with Hillebrandt's bestseller Pawprints are available through 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION about any of our books, the Pawprints Writing Clubs, and the Pawprints Literacy Plus Foundation,Ô media and readers are invited to take a paws at the website, or e-mail Anna at



To obtain a review copy of the book Stories From The Heart, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, How to Write Your Memoirs or Pawprints, please contact Pawpress at 310.471-5048.   Ina is available for interviews.  Please see bio attached.


Pawpress, Brentwood Village, P.O. Box 492213    Los Angeles, CA 90049


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