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Are you a Pet Lover?

This is the place for you! At InasPawprints, we believe pets deserve the very best humans can give them. And we love it when our pets make us smile! Explore the links below to find topics and information about kindness to animals, what you can do to provide for your pets in case of emergencies, pet eulogies, which help us when our furry friends move on, and fun pet stuff! Have you or your pet got a question about pet care? Ask Dr. B, or check our other pet care topics on this page! Plus you'll find links to kids' and grownups stories about pets. And, we hope you enjoy our fun pet photos!


Handsome Doggie In Paws We Trust Tote Bag

Pet Photos!

Ina's Furry Pals

Meet The New Kid

Yet More of Pawprints Stars
Pet Photos by Karyn Lynn Giss

Visitors' Photos - King Charles Spaniel!

Kids' Pet Photos

Pet Stories

Pet Stories by Grownups

Pet Tails by Ina

Pet Tails by Kids

StoryTime with Dr. B


Pet Health

Critter Queries by Dr. Baum

Kindness to Pets

Disaster Preparation for Pets

Your Pet May Outlive You, But You Can Prepare!



The Federation of Unacknoledged Partnerships Among Pooches, Pussycats and Sturgeons

Pet Eulogies

Eulogies to dogs, cats and other pets


We're proud to feature two columns by Dr. Barry Baum, Chief of Staff, Center-Sinai Animal Hospital in West Los Angeles. Critter Queries, where you can ask questions you or your pet might have about their health. And StoryTime w/ Dr. B. Enjoy!
Photo Ina Hillebrandt.

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