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Welcome to our series from the Wonderful Dr. Barry Baum, Chief of Staff at Center-Sinai Animal Hospital in Los Angeles.  If you have a question for our Virtuoso Vet, he'd love to see it.  And he will answer all that he can.  Just use the contact info that follows below, beneath the lists of all his columns to date. And see the note about the new Center-Sinai site by scrolling down! Please note: If you feel the condition of your pet is critical, Dr. Baum urges you contact your local vet ASAP!

What are the proper bathing techniques for my pet?
What do I do about dry, flaking skin?
Oh, my pet's aching back!
Should I worry about my two male cats' shall we say, sizzling, amour?
Conquering doggie skin rashes
What do I do about doggie bald spots?
What should we consider in choosing a family pet?
Sneezing cats
Can I, and should I clone my pet?
What do I do about an itchy belly?
At what age can I safely let my kitten outside?  And what shots does she need?  See also new column listed below, Part 2 on this question, (in red below), in which Dr. Baum cautions that environment outdoors should be assessed before letting pussycats out, and alternatives.
Just the facts, Ma'am ... Helping your vet help you
My German Shepherd is losing weight rapidly, and has had many bouts of diarrhea.  Can you help?
A Hairy Situation
Help!  My Cat's Got Green Gums!
What do Pelicans and Chelation have in Common?
Grooming the Reluctant Doggie
The Coughing Kitty
Doggie Dental and Eating Problems
Irish Fur Mat
What can I do about kittens with fleas?
Itchy Doggies?
My cat is meowing very loudly, and also coughing. Should I be worried?

Guess what! Dr. B has a new site -- Dr. B's stories, and Critter Queries, that appear on our site, also appear on Center-Sinai's site in the Ask Dr. B columns. We will continue to get you in on the latest by having links to all new stories and Q & A's on our site. And you can ask a question from either site. You can also check out lots of information on pet care on the CSAH site, and if you live in Los Angeles you will also find pet sitters, pet dates and more. It's easy to come back to us at Just hit your browser's back button, or close the window(s) from that site to return here.

New! My cocker spaniel dog's fur has become unbearably smelly!
Dr. B, what can I do for my constipated cat?
OMG! Can my li'l Chihuahua get my big Pit Bull pregnant?

Should Our Cat Travel with Us?
Help! Our 10 week old kitten is running up our play with water! How can we get her to stop? It hurts! Plus, she nurses a lot on blanket. Is this OK?

Help! My Shih Tzu dog keeps biting my face!
Ask Dr. Baum: Chocolate Lab Mom Has Green Nipples!
My 6 mo. old kitten has lost a fang and back tooth. Is this normal?
How long are blood tests good for my cat's teeth cleaning?
My cat's waking every three hours, meowing and  distraught. What can I do?
My Chihuahua eats her own poop! What can I do to stop her?
My blue pit bull dog bites his tail so much that it bleeds! Help, Dr. Baum!
Are my Shih Tzu's doggie licks normal?
Ask Dr. Baum: Is it OK to let dog pal or mate near pregnant St. Bernard?
Will my poodle dog's sniffer wear out?
Dr. Baum, my kitten's passing very smelly gas. What can I do?
My dog's got bladder stones. Is it the foods he's eating?
Dr. B, my Siamese kitten's chewing wires! What should I do?
Dr. B, how big will lab-pit grow?
"Small" Bronchitis may be related to heart in cocker spaniel
Cat's getting kicked out of bed for masturbating! See also What can I do about my cat's frequent masturbating?
What do wheezing and difficulty in breathing mean in a shelter or adoption center kitten?
Another gecko issue: Lady gecko's shedding skin covered broken limbs. What to do?
Both my Leopard Gecko's legs were broken this morning. What caused this? And what can I do?
My Shih Tzu dog is licking his paw constantly!
What can I do about my lab/pit bull mix, who has arthritis and is dragging and chewing his tail?
Dr., Baum, how can I trap my feral cat -- I want to move her to our new home.
When can I let my kitten out? Part 2...Dr. B addresses considerations for questioner from Scotland. (See also Part 1 in list of questions on our site, above, or click here.)
Is it OK for doggies to lick babies' faces?
My kitty is coughing more and more, and throwing up. What's going on?
What can I do to get my two month old adorable but very hyper kitten to stop biting?
My pit bull mix's tail has been injured, and amputation has been recommended. Is there an alternative?
My cat was neutered recently, and now he's masturbating frequently. What should I do?
What can I do about cat's scratching the furniture (and ruining it, and our sleep!), Dr. Baum?
My German Shepherd's breathing is very labored, especially when we walk. I'm worried...what should I do?
I have a rat terrier who is drinking and urinating frequently...does this need to be checked by my vet?

How often is too often to bathe my Yorkie -- his skin is red and flaky.
My kitty is sneezing, coughing and vomiting...Read why Dr. Baum recommends against over-the-counter remedies
My gecko's dragging his injured tail...should it be amputated?
Is BARF any way to treat my dog? (raw food diets for pets)
VERY IMPORTANT! How do I artificially inseminate my rats?
What are the best foods for pets?
Dr. Baum on itchy boa constrictor snakes
Dr. Baum, when should I  neuter or spay kittens?
What is the right frequency for pet medical checkups?
Is baby aspirin OK for my Schnauzer dog -- he's walking stiffly as though he has arthritis.
How do I get my dog to stop biting and barking in the house?
Dr. Baum, my cat keeps biting his tail until it bleeds!
Dr. Baum's Guide to your dog's pregnancy and birthing process -- an article on pet care by Dr. Baum
My Great Pyrenees dog has lost a tooth on a towel. Is this normal?

To find out what others have asked, click our Critter Query archives button:

Do you have a question for our Virtuoso Vet?

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Dr. Baum will answer as many of your questions as possible.  For Your Pet's Health: Please contact your local vet if you feel your pet is having an emergency to insure getting attention in time to meet his/her needs.

*We never sell your private information, and post only with your permission, to help other visitors with similar questions. Please see privacy policy pertaining to and

If you are lucky enough to live in Los Angeles when you need a really good vet,
you can call  to set up an appointment with Dr. Baum or another of the highly skilled staff at Center-Sinai Veterinary Hospital.  The number is 310-559-3770.   

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