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How to Write Your Memoirs' by Ina Hillebrandt...Makes writing your life histories fun!
Don't bug 'em!
Gift Mom 'n' Dad!

COVID Cabin Fever? Join Ina AND FRIENDS on Zoom for Pawprints Live!

Fun animal tales to inspire kids, parents and pets. Coming in May. FREE!
Because we want to give back.


Pawprints Live! Fun animal tales by Ina and -- for and by -- kids, parents and pets. FREE.

Above: FREE downloadable Critter Kindness posters, one for doggie lovers, one for cat lovers.

We'll be inviting Pawprints Live! Kids to create new versions of our Critter Kindness Posters for things kids can do to help pets and owners during COVID pandemic time.



Pawprints Live! is a perfect antidote for those stay-at-home blues 

Ina and her stories will make your kids and you laugh. She'll read one or two Pawprints aloud, and everyone will share what this reminds them of in their own lives. Kids will then choose a Pawprint to read from the site, and talk about it as before.Then Ina will guide kids to write a KidPrint and share it with others at the next meeting. We'll draw, add music and perform stories, too. Grownups, you may be inspired to write a story of your own!

Read stories from Pawprints, and KidPrints stories by our wonderful students. And click the fishy story below teacher Kay Dicks said she just had to write.  
Front cover by Sophie Patterson, age 7, Pawprints Literacy+ program  

What People Say About Pawprints And Pawprints Literacy+  Program*

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*Adapted from Pawprints Literacy +, developed for the Jane Goodall Institute originally, then pilot tested with 350 youngsters in NY and LA. See the Pawprints Tail.


FREE Story Starters

For Kids

For Grownups

For Educators (and parents)

Interested in Pawprints Live!? Yay! Please contact us to get dates, times, how to join (free).

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