The Devil in a Catsuit Grows Up

Remember back when the kid was just a kitten? 

3 Months


4 Months

Above, getting a rare cuddle with Sascha, our wonderful Maine Coon. Sasch was 12, and weighed 13 pounds.

The first retrieval times. Pixelle, like Rapper P. Cat before her, taught me how to play.




Well, over time, look what's happened.

6 months

Below, Pix manages to hold onto Tamba at naptime,
by the tips of her claws

8 Months

Below: After months of just plain purr-sisting, Pix finally scores real quiet time with Tamba

Compare to the stand-off when Pix was 3 months old, below


Today ... a full grown, and slightly pudgy cat.

Monitor warming is just not like it used to be!
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loves to put her nerf mouse in her water bowl.  See why Dr. Baum thought she does this in the first edition of our newsletter.

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