About Pawprints, Your Furry Home Companion

'Pawprints' -- Your Furry Home Companion

Squirrel Photo @ Ina Hillebrandt

Our tail begins...Ina wrote a book about close encounters of a furry kind.

She was inspired by squirrels who made a picnic on her lap one day in beautiful Pacific Grove, California.

When they ambled off, she was thrilled to see squirrel paw prints on her slacks. 

After many arguments with her dyspeptic muse, she realized that the stories that started springing into her mind every day as she went for walks with Handsome Hillebrandt, the World's Best Dog, along the magnificent Pacific coastline, were not going to leave her alone until she wrote them all down. 

Those were some of the best days of her life. Up to that point.







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