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Welcome back to the delightful world of Dr. Barry Baum, as he takes you his own flights of fancy and fact.  Keep visiting, because we'll be adding more of his special tails! 
Special! You can write questions in to Dr. Baum about pet care. 
He'll be answering as many as he can! 

You'll find his column, "Dr. Baum's Critter Queries," by clicking on the
"Ask our Vet" button on the right. And see the note about the new Center-Sinai site by scrolling down!

Share fun moments as Dr. B spins tales of pets and their people. Choose from the stories in our archives, and enjoy music as you scan the titles. 


New! The Laila Tov Saga. A series of tails of Dr. B's great-grandchild, Laila Tov, as she embarks on the road to stardom in the dog show circuit. So far, we're at Episode 6. The link will take you to the first. Enjoy!
A Heartwarming Tail, featured online at The Barking Bulletin
Fessel... It's always nice to rediscover why it is that you like doing what you do... First Episode in the Saga of Fessie Series
When Fessie Met Cousteau...Episode 2 in the Saga of Fessie Series
Looking for Love... Episode 3 in the Saga of Fessie Series
Hot Fessie...Episode 4 in the Saga of Fessie Series
A Pregnant Pause ...
A Case of Mistaken Identity
Mabel Bourne
Chicken of the Sea

NOTE: This link and the blue Center Sinai button below will take you to Center-Sinai site. Look around while you're there! And just close windows to return to

Check out Dr. Baum's site:! More stories, questions


and answers appear there, with links on our site, too, and more pet care information and special features! Just close the window after visiting, or hit your browser's back button to return to InasPawprints. For a complete list of questions and answers, and Dr. B's stories, click below:


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