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Hurricane Harvey

Aug. 28, 2017. Hurricane Harvey is already considered the worst hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. While winds of this originally Category 4 storm hit parts of Texas and wiped out buildings and more, the torrential rainfall is of historic proportions. Due to global warming, it is predicted to be just the beginning of more such storms. As always, pets and wildlife are affected when natural disasters hit. And as always, help is needed for humans as well as pets, but people usually think of humans and not pets. So as noted below for earlier catastrophic storms Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Humane Society is stepping in as is the SPCA. You can find information on how to help,  where and what to donate on our page devoted specifically to Hurricane Harvey. The page also has links to keep updated as the storm progresses on what is needed and how you can help. Thank you!


Cesar's Way


Please note You will find this a historical document, in that much of the information below is from earlier years. However, due to global warming, these natural disasters have increased substantially in degree and in number. Your help to these fine organizations is always valued, and greatly needed by displaced pets and wildlife. The links to the basic organizations, though not all event-specific posts, are good today. The stories are from earlier events. We have left them up for now as they help tell the story of how people help! We are in the midst of a major overhaul of our site. Information on this an d other pages will be updated regularly.

AMERICAN HUMANE SOCIETY and ASPCA send teams to help animals stricken by the the many natural disasters we are facing worldwide. The logo below for the wonderful Best Friends folks is from the 2010 emergency. We have left it, with some updates below, and updated the link so that it will bring you to their ongoing page as of this writing, Feb. 2016. You can help by donating whatever you can afford to help them pay for materials and other costs urgently needed to help rescue frightened and injured animals. To donate now, click the links:



American Humane Society

Dear Members and Friends, Friends is now a part of ARCH (Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti), and we are working with other groups to do everything possible to get the animals of Haiti the help they need. Our thoughts an prayers are with all of those who are suffering in the wake of this devastation. In the meantime, our work here at home goes on as well. And there’s plenty of good news to share on the Best Friends website this week


On behalf of animals caught in these perilous circumstances, thanks!

JAN. 2010, update of Nov. 2009: Following devastating fires from the prolonged fire season of 2009, Southern California is poised for more destruction from a series of heavy rains predicted the week of Jan. 17. When these hit the already denuded mountains, landslides and mudslides of huge proportions are expected to follow. Again, animals have been hard hit by the loss of habitat and further calamity is bound to cause more stress. Please check below for organizations that can use your financial support!

* * *

NOV. 2009 spcaLA, the Humane Society and other organizations below in 2009 emergencies are continuing to help now. They urgently need funds to support DART teams helping animals, both wildlife and pets, in the blazes that are occurring in Southern California. Scroll down for links and how you can help.

NOV. 2009 spcaLA urgently needs funds to help their DART teams helping in various locations hit by fire, floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters to cope with the aftermath for pets and wildlife left in Hurricane Ike's wake. To find out more, please go to their sites listing both their site and the other organizations OK'd below to provide on-site help in caring for pets after this latest wave of hurricane monsters.


NOV. 3, 2007: ASPCA-LA CONTRIBUTING FUNDS TO the San Diego Humane Society to help care for horses saved from wildfires. Find out more about what is happening, and how you can help, by clicking the horse below, or cutting and pasting ASPCA-LA newsletter link in your browser window.

NOV. 2009: HUMANE SOCIETY OF THE U.S. could really use your help to fund their continuing efforts for animals in the fire zones. Click the link to see photos of some of the animals they've rescued, and the kind of work your funds help support.

To find out more about the work they are doing, and to donate to the HSUS:

OCT. 26, 2007: The fires have calmed down in most areas, however, fire officials warn there could well be more fires flaring in unexpected places due to embers continuing to travel and ignite very dry brush. In addition, the huge swath of fires has displaced not only large numbers of people, it has also displaced pets and wildlife. The HSUS and SPCALA continue to need assistance in the form of donations and where mentioned below, hands-on help.

BREAKING NEWS OCT. 22, 2007: We are facing a huge problem for animals in Southern California, with all the wild fires being fanned by Santa Ana winds, taking away habitat and threatening all the animals living in the forests and residential areas. Fires are being started in unpredictable places, ignited by embers borne miles away by the wind. This puts fire fighters at a disadvantage for planning where to put resources. Though they have been doing a miraculous job, there are more acres ablaze than they can manage fully, and the unpredictability aspect compounds the problem. We are told this is just the beginning of what could be a long and extremely serious fire season in all the western states.

To handle animal displacement in the Southern California area where the immediate problems are sizeable, the Humane Society of the U.S. and SPCALA DART teams jumped in right away. Please help with funding if you can, to support the immense task of mounting rescue efforts. To donate and find out more:

New Leash on Life has also jumped in and is seeking shelter for evacuated and stranded pets. Contact them through or by phone about help and donations (661) 255-0097.

Other states are facing or will be facing fire, flood and other problems that will affect wildlife as well as domestic animal populations during this coming winter season. Check your local news to see which organizations are helping animals, and see below for specific organizations that have affiliates around the nation.

Ongoing Katrina-Rita issues: issues of overcrowding and new threats from storms yet to come continue to face the rescuers in Louisiana, Mississippi and other states hit by the hurricanes. Scroll down to see what you can do.

NATIONAL GIVING TO HUMANE SOCIETY AND ASPCA STILL APPLY. We also urge you to give your support to local branches of established animal rescue organizations, those in the Gulf states who are facing huge obstacles in caring for and housing displaced pets, and to larger groups as listed below who are performing enormous tasks in very tough conditions.  Specific groups that need your help for Hurricane Harvey, please use links, right. From original Katrina-Rita needs, are other organizations to check, below:

  • The Humane Society of South Mississippi was hard hit by Katrina, and then, just as they were regrouping, Rita came along and did more nightmarish evil such as wreck the roof. You can donate to this group needing help through our Pawprints for Katrina-Rita Fund. This organization can still use your help!

  • The Humane Society of the U.S. is providing services to the areas where pets were left to fend for themselves, or otherwise left to their own devices, swimming in filthy water, becoming very ill, as well as psychologically hurt.  They have teams specially trained in disaster relief, and have many expenses to train, maintain their services and supplies, and transport people and animals.  You can find out more and donate direct to

  • ASPCA's are also being called up to provide help to the Gulf.  Contact your local shelter to see if they are taking pets in or going to any towns in the Gulf and need financial help for this urgent work.

  • URGENT SPCA-LA DART needs donations to pay for emergency trip to Houson -- UPDATE OCT. '07 -- now funds are needed for helping victims of fire in Southern California. For info and donations click the link above in this paragraph.

  • To go to any disaster site for the Humane Society or ASPCA, you must take special training. If you are interested in receiving information on training to be a member of The HSUS’s Disaster Animal Rescue Teams (DART), please send an email to with "DART Training Information" in the subject line.  For ASPCA, contact your local organization.

  • For help with other groups, such as the New Orleans SPCA,,  you can visit online to see what's needed, and donate direct.

  • In Texas, which housed the first New Orleans pet refugees, the Texas SPCA site is

  • American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery helps owners get back in touch with companion animals and other pets who have been lost or separated during natural disasters. is also helping people match pets with owners.

  • There are also, for donations and other help, the American Humane Association and SPCA,, International Fund for Animal Welfare,, Animal Nations Noah’, and Best Friends Animal Society,

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Hurricane Harvey

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