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As Pawprints and the Pawprints Literacy Plus program trotted along,  adults -- teachers and recreation professionals in our train-the-trainer workshops -- pawsed with us long enough to write their own stories.  You saw some evidence if you've been jogging through "The Pawprints Tail" pages on our site.  If you've missed their little gems so far, click "Grownups' Tails."  (You can get right back by hitting your browser's back button.) 

Check out Arabella Bel-Mitchell's -- and her cohorts' -- Divine Creations on our site. and in Stories from the Heart, Vol.1

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Then, several years ago, we began working with seniors as well as other adults.

Weird as it sounds, Pawprints is emerging as a book that kids, parents and teachers are reading -- to themselves and to their pets, and  people up to 93 so far are using as a springboard for creative writing. 

We now offer books, educational and just plain fun goodies and programs for adults and seniors ass well as young people, grades 1-12. 

We also offer private coaching, both in-person and by phone. Contact Ina at  to find out more about this service people are saying "opens me up!" And visit our Memoir Writers Site:

If you'd like more information on our Kids' Program for teachers and other educators, as well as parents and grandparents, to help the young people in your charge dig into reading and creative writing, click below.  You can find out more about  materials you can use at home or in school (or after-school programs), and about our on-site programs. 

Parent/Grandparent Gift Books

Free Lesson Plan

Pawprints Literacy Plus Program

The Student Prints Curriculum Guide

If you're a grownup and would just like to read Pawprints, buy it as a gift, or see other Pawprints goodies for all your pet-loving friends, click below:

If you are a grownup and would like more information on writing tools or classes for yourself or groups, we offer:

Email Ina direct for information.

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Pick up a Journal Featuring Pawprints Stars, Handsome, World's Best Dog or Rapper P. Cat at the  flea market in our online store! These and more great gifts for the whole family, and all your pet-loving friends!

 To set up classes near you for young people or grownups, contact us!

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