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How to Write Your Memoirs' by Ina Hillebrandt...Makes writing your life histories fun!
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'Pawprints' by Ina Hillebrandt, purr-fect pet humor gift book to aMUSE kids and adults, age 6-106

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'How to Write Your Memoirs...Fun Prompts to Make Writing...And Reading Your Life Stories A Pleasure!


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Featuring Pawprints by Ina

The Up-Beat, Off-Beat collection of short tails
for animal  lovers of all ages!

Pawprints is a book of upbeat, offbeat tales about dear friends--2-legged, 4-legged, feathered and furry.  Occasionally, creepy.

You'll read about Handsome Hillebrandt, "The World's Best Dog," and Guerilla Cat, as well as orangutans, penguins and deer.

You'll learn the truth about nose fur, and
how to wiggle your own ears.

"One of the few books about animals I would give as a present."  Google Reviewer

I was going to read just a story Im in the midst of a novel and I read the whole book. I glanced at it and got enchanted and read it from front to back. I think everyone should know what people feel. Its so whimsical and charming. Gratefully, Shirley Oreck





Wanna see a terrific hip hop artist perform a "Pawprint"? Click here

Pawprints -- The Purr-fect Gift!

Pawprints by Ina   Publisher:  Pawpress 
ISBN 1-880-882-09-1

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Read a "Pawprint"


Who's Pawprints for?  

   Kids 6-106
   People who like to be amused
   People who'd like to be aMUSEd
   People who like cats, dogs, otters...

Reading tails such as "Nose Fur" together is a fun way to be part of a child's growth in literacy and self-esteem. And you can help the kids develop respect for animals, the environment and fellow humans. Click below for a free lesson plan you can use at home or in the classroom.

Free Mommy or Daddy and Me, or Classroom Lesson Plan

MORE PURR-FECT GIFTS!  Wearables and other fun gifts  featuring Pawprints fuzzy stars.  For kids, grownups and furry friends! Just a few MORE examples from our online store

 Tote bag for dog lovers featuring Handsome, star of 'Pawprints' by Ina      Rapper P. Cat adorns T-shirt for cat lovers      Dog T-shirt for lovers of dogs and literature

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'You Are Who You Eat,' THE book of cannibal jokes and diet tips, with cartoons by Dedini!



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