Pawprints Writing Clubs -- Special for Seniors




WHEN: MONDAYS 10:00 am - 11:45 am

               11338 Santa Monica Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90025

PRICE: FREE! Co-Sponsored by Pawpress and Felicia Mahood Senior
             Multipurpose Center, a facility of the City of Los Angeles
             Department of Recreation & Parks

See some of our students perform their works in Spoken Word with Music Shows 

New -- Video showing our class members celebrating the launch of a book of their wonderful life stories



Note: Grief Lifters Flyer has information about the program but dates/times are subject to change. Please  Contact us for up-to-date dates and times.

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See new video...

Read review of our writing program and books
Use our how-to book to organize your own memoirs! 
People who have used it say:

"The prompts really make it easy!  Even if I never intended to write about my life, I would enjoy the lovely memories that this book brings to mind...I would recommend this book to encourages you to give writing a try."  Kay Roberts, contributing author, Stories From The Heart, Vol. 2

"I find Ina Hillebrandt's How to Write Your Memoirs to be a comprehensive and concise manual.  It starts with basic information which systematically leads into a variety of ideas and examples of style and substance....a helpful tool for future writers...I believe it will even inspire some that think of themselves as not possessing writing skills.  I enjoyed the book and strongly recommend it." David Brook, member Pawprints Writing Club, and contributing author to the group's bestseller

Ina's Writing Workshops™
for Seniors, and Staff Training

We are now conducting two types of writing workshops for seniors, and staff training workshops on -- 

  • Memoir Writing --  Ina's Memoir Writing Clubs™

  • Creative Writing -- A-MUSE Yourself™

Footprints Memoir Writing Clubs are effective and popular programs for seniors in adult living and community organizations.  We also offer staff training workshops.  Our special exercises incorporate our unique creativity and motivation tools, plus how-to and other books.  Our workshops are proven to help members and residents make the most out of every day as they become involved in this dynamic, fun pastime that provides invaluable gifts -- for their own mental health and their families' delight.  Comments from some participants:

“Makes my week!”

“Expands my mind.” 

“Opened the floodgates.” 

“Enlivening, spirited discussions in writings.” 

“Interesting and inspirational.” 

“It’s just plain fun!” 

“Wonderfully uplifting.”  

“Unlocked the doors to memories long forgotten but still present.” 

“The participants are nice, the group inclusive; I’ve made a lot of new friends.” 

You may get your own story posted on our site, or published in one of our books! 
See below.  And scroll down for more information and comments from class members.

aMUSE Yourself™ – Pawprints Writing Club for non-memoir writing
Tools and workshop for creative and fiction writing

This unique program specially designed for seniors draws on a new short prose form, love of animals, the outdoors and your own adventures to inspire you to want to write. Techniques are EASY TO LEARN, based on stories people relate to readily. Short, short "tails" – such as "Moonlit Fox," "Nose Fur" and "All the Men in My Life Snore" – hit people’s funny bones, lift the spirits, and move readers to "think differently."

Stories the author wrote in Pawprints are personal, and inspire readers to write from the heart –- a very powerful tool for expressing oneself, and for catharsis. Whichever writing style or workshop you choose, you will find yourself enriched.You'll surprise yourself by having fun! You’ll get a boost in morale, enhance your writing skills, and gain self-confidence. You’ll learn special creative writing techniques, and how to develop your own writing voice. "Pawprints" and the Footprints Writing Clubs are proven to:

bullet Cause listeners to volunteer to talk about their own experiences,
motivate and show participants how to capture them on paper
bullet Spark creativity among budding authors
bullet Help with writing form, vocabulary, grammar and structure
bullet "Unblock!"
Footprints Writing Clubs for Seniors are Perfect for:

  • People who have always wanted to write, but feel they "can’t"

  • People wanting to capture memories of their lifetimes for themselves,
    family and friends

  • People interested in learning "Grandma/Grandpa and Me" tools

  • People interested in finding new creative outlets to keep happy,
    active and enjoying life!

  • People who want to develop their writing projects further!

To see more comments and samples of writing, click here.

As a participant in the Footprints Writing Clubs, you may get your own story published on our site, and in one of our books.  Take a look at some of the writing our participants have been doing:

Grownups' Stories

Memoirs Become Best Seller!

You may also submit a story for us online.  We reserve the right to edit, and to publish it on our site and in other media.  Your personal information will always be kept private  -- please check our privacy policy. Click below to go to our online story submission form.

Your Story Here!


WHEN:  Contact us for times
WHERE: Felicia Mahood Senior Multipurpose Center
               11338 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025

Ina Hillebrandt created Grief Lifters originally after conducting focus group interviews with over 100 widows and widowers across the county for TIAA/CREF.  The objective was to find ways to help their members deal with the loss of a spouse.  Later, Ina conducted classes for the Hyatt Classic Residence in Monterey, CA, and in recent years has been holding weekly meetings in Los Angeles.  Members have said:

Dear Ina Hillebrandt,

Your class has been the most helpful to me.  I am overcoming my pain and grief due to your help, your kindness and your expertise. 
               Love you, Addie Jacobbs

Dear Ina,

I've never done anything alone, voluntarily.  Felicia Mahood is having a day's trip to Lake Arrowhead and I desperately wanted to go, but none of my friends wanted to go.  Hurrah!  I decided to heck with it.  I'm going anyway! Thank you for giving me the insight and courage.
              Sophie Chudacoff

As a participant in the Grief Lifters group I can only offer the highest praise for Ina Hillebrandt.  Having attended several such groups, hers is the most beneficial and instructive. Thank you for affording me this necessary tool to my period of adjustment.
              Earl Boretz

After going to other bereavement classes, by accident, I learned about this class.  Thank God.
              Rose LaVine

"Thank you, Ina, for helping our Dad and for bringing us closer. We've been anxious to see the stories he wrote about the family, and surprised to see all his about the (fictional) family of Mo the cat...glad he's making people laugh and inspiring them to write." Children of Earl Boretz,  Contributor  to "How to Write Your Memoirs" and "Stories from the Heart" Vols. 1 and 2

When people lose someone close, it is a shock, whether the death comes suddenly or is the result of an illness.  In this class, members learn valuable coping skills from each other, previous members and Ina, who has lost a number of people close, including her younger brother as well as her husband, parents, and a flock of cats plus Handsome, The World's Best Dog. 

Help your clients deal with loss with the tools in this program.

Contact us to get more information.

Note:  In Los Angeles, these classes are sponsored and are free for seniors courtesy of Pawpress, the Jewish Family Service and the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks' Felicia Mahood MultiPurpose Center.  For more information on transportation and directions to Felicia Mahood
, you can call 310-479-4119.  For program information, please contact Ina by e-mail by clicking here.

To inquire about setting up classes in your area, you can also contact Ina at the email address above, or see our additional contact information by clicking here.  

Click for information on the Pawprints Writing Clubs for Kids, or contact us, and be sure to visit our Kids Corner, Literacy Plus and other Kids, Parents and Educators pages by clicking on the buttons above, right, and below.


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