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'Pawprints' by Ina Hillebrandt, purr-fect pet humor gift book to aMUSE kids and adults, age 6-106


'Of Politics, Ladies and Bagels,' by Gene Zahn


'Stories From The Heart,' by Footprints Writing Club members



'How to Write Your Memoirs,' by Ina Hillebrandt


Go East, Young Man, Go East, a wonderful memoir of the eary days of Saudi oil,by Alan Tichenor


'Sensual Spirit,' a book of sublime poetry by Chrystine

Pawprints -- The Student Prints, curriculum guide for Pawprints Literac Plus

'The Angel Chronicles,' by J.K. Johnson, mystery and romance on another plane

Pawpress Publishing Services for Authors

Traditional Publishing

What is traditional publishing? The publisher contracts with the author to pay for book writing services. Typically the publishing company seeks material that falls within its catalog's book categories (ex., biographies, fiction, etc.).  Some publishers contract with known authors to write on particular topics. Publishers typically provide an upfront fee, or advance, against future sales, though this is becoming less substantial than in prior years, particularly if the author is an unknown. The author is also given a small share of the proceeds, or royalty. As an author, you can negotiate for subsidiary rights, such as publishing in foreign languages, movie rights, etc.

With all the consolidation in the publishing field, the "bigs" are far fewer in number than in former times, but they all do have a large number of divisions these days. Nonetheless, new authors face obstacles to entry, and once in the fold, are likely to find they are lost in the crowd. It takes a long time to get through the process of acceptance to publishing.  

Countering this issue, small and medium sized presses have been growing. With the right match, you can find your project getting accepted faster than is possible at the larger houses, and getting the same kind of attention authors used to get from large presses. But, smaller presses may not have the same budgets for both advances and marketing.

Pawpress started as a traditional publishing company. Our co-founder was the publisher of Ina Hillebrandt's first book, Pawprints. We were thrilled when it became an bestseller, and the foundation of a literacy program, Pawprints Literacy Plus, building literacy skills and kindness to animals with children grades 1-12, and providing life enrichment to seniors through writing and Spoken Word performance. Though we are considering developing more traditional projects, with funding partners in future, we are not seeking to fund more traditional books at this time. Please do not submit to us if you are looking for such a contract, but please do read below about Indie Publishing options at Pawpress.

Indie Publishing

The stigma of self-publishing, often included today within the rubric Indie publishing, is really much less than it used to be, with famous authors choosing to go this route. Authors who wish to publish their own titles, or to go with a small press that will take care of the design, printing and taking a book to market, have options today. An author does need to lay out the upfront costs, but ultimately stands to make a much higher profit. If you have tired of trying to find a traditional publisher, or are unwilling to wait the long amount of time it can take to get a project approved via traditional means (finding an agent, having the agent find the publisher), then self-publishing may be for you. In this type of publishing, the costs initially for the author include print, editing, design and other items needed to publish his or her book. Turnaround time depends on how much content, editing and design work needs to be done. Costs vary depending on how finished the project is when it is submitted.

Indie Publishing at Pawpress ... since 2005

At Pawpress, our focus is on working with individuals and writing groups to help shape and/or complete Ina's specialty in book development is coaching writers to "open the floodgates to memories long gone but not forgotten," and through InasWeirdPrompts™ to help authors write more creatively. We work with writers to get memoirs out to family and friends, and these and other genres out to the world. Part of our process involves Spoken Word with Music book launch events and ongoing appearances to spark sales.

Based on Ina's background both as a writer and corporate consultant, we also offer memoir/biography writing services to corporate and nonprofit CEOs.

In sum, we offer the services below to those wishing to publish using our imprint or preferring to set up their own Indie press.*

Coaching (help with writing or completing your book)


Scans (photos or other graphics)

Layout and design of interior of book

Cover design, including attention to marketing detail on front and back cover as well as spine

ISBN numbers (to be able to list in Books in Print, BIP, so that booksellers and readers around the world can find your book

Preparation of content about your book and you for listing in Books in Print; doing the actual uploads to BIP via our Pawpress account

Bar code (so that resellers can stock and sell your book)

Library of Congress (LOC) number and catalog description (content is accessible to librarians and booksellers around the world, helping them to place your book among their other titles appropriately, and helping establish your credibility as an author). Note: as an author of only your own book(s), you will be able to get a Library of Congress number, but not a detailed catalog classification

Prepress -- preparation of interior and cover for printer. Requires time and attention to much detail to insure layout, any graphics and copy are properly printed, at the right resolution, so that the look is professional

Overseeing of print production process, including going over proofs (you will also see proofs to be sure everything you wanted is as you wanted it)

Conversion for eBooks -- for Kindle and other eBook sellers.

Marketing and distribution: Even if you have been published by a large traditional publishing house, almost all authors find that not only do they have to spend time marketing to sell their books, they also have to spend money of their own.

At Pawpress, we will work with you to define potential audiences for your book. We will also produce, as noted above, targeted content for listing in BIP. In addition, your title will be made available to customers by and other online resellers, and eBooks for Kindle, iTunes and other eTailers. You will be represented by wholesaler Baker & Taylor and in some cases Ingram. We will be happy to talk with you about specialty markets if these are appropriate to your books. This could be an advantage to you in many respects over bookstore marketing -- if usually means buyers pay for your books outright, and there are no returns.  

We also will put your book up on our websites

"One sheet" -- this is a page used to promote your book in our catalog and at trade shows. You will get copies to hand out to your friends to help promote your book. We can also work with you to create bookmarks, postcards and other marketing items to help you sell.

Press release: we can produce press releases for you and you can send them or hire a PR person to do so, or we can do the whole process for you. This is a fee-based service, depending on your budget and needs.

* If you wish to publish under our imprint, we do require the following of potential self-published authors:

The book is a quality project, good concept, written well.

The book fits in with our titles...we might consider another category, but we prefer the books fit with the rather large number of categories Pawpress currently represents.

The author is committed to the project.

This means you are willing to print enough books to give you a chance of success in the market, which means some are reserved for promotion. Exact numbers can be discussed.

t also means you will put time, and if needed, budget into promoting your book. We have experience in marketing (Ms. Hillebrandt was a Fortune 500 marketing/strategic planning consultant for more than 20 years.)

You are willing to accept that the first run, which costs more than subsequent print runs, may well not net you any profit. Where you can look to generate income is in repeat runs.

The out-of-pocket costs that are not repeated include editing, design of both interior and exterior, costs to create BIP listing and Library of Congress designations, creation of original press release and design of collateral marketing materials such as bookmarks. Even setup fees at printers are much reduced and sometimes nonexistent on subsequent print runs, once the initial steps are completed in the first print run.

While it is true the the first runs don't usually net profit, we are very proud of first-time author J.K. Johnson, who has proved to be a dynamo at marketing her first, hardcover book. In its first few weeks after coming out, she sold several hundred copies, estimates a sizeable profit after all expenses, and a second trade paperback run in six months.

*The pros of selecting Pawpress for your book project

The founder and publisher of Pawpress is an author, Ina Hillebrandt, with an author's sensitivity and understanding of what you are going through in navigating the publishing waters.

Hillebrandt's own first book, Pawprints, achieved top seller status. The second in the series of collections of her students' works, Stories From The Heart, Vol. 2, was also named a bestseller by The most recent book, You Are Who You Eat, won the IRWIN Award for Most Provocative Book of the Year and is in the Billy Ireland Library and Museum at OSU.

To help you sell your book, we can advise or help you to set up book signings, and will put your book up on our websites. We will also help you identify nontraditional book selling opportunities which can result in bulk sales that will benefit your bottom line.

We have experience with producing books in a variety of formats, from high quality offset paperback, to hard cover with jacket, to spiral-bound, to eBook, to POD (Print on Demand).

We also have print suppliers who can produce top quality, highly professional books, both POD and offset printing. We will be happy to discuss the pluses and minuses of various printing options with you. Questions include how many books to print, depending in part upon cost vs. realistic retail sales price, and in part upon potential markets for your book.

*The cons of going with self-publishing, whether your imprint or that of an Indie press working with you

It is harder to get reviews from the big reviewers if yours is a self-published or Indie book. However, having said that, the Indie market is certainly growing, and earning more respect. And importantly, there are now a number of solid new ways to get reviews available. Contact us if you would like to get help on this aspect of publishing.

It is harder to get into large bookstores. Some are now requiring authors to pay them to get placement in their stores. But, independent bookstores are a growing resource and worth exploring. They will usually not pay in advance but will work with self-published/Indie authors on a consignment basis. Returns are mandatory to remain competitive. This can be a heartache. Persistent follow-up and appearances are important to retain such connections and make them mutually profitable.

Interested? Please contact us. We'll be happy to discuss your project and needs.*

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Your City *
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* We will never publish or share your material or personal information without your signed agreement. Please check our privacy policy.

GREAT ANY DAY GIFT! You Are Who You Eat. Illustrated by The New Yorker, Playboy, Esquire artist Dedini!

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