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About Ina

We're proud to announce the release in Fall, 2008

of a book by First Time Author
J.K. Johnson

"The Angel Chronicles...The Road to Damascus"

A love story and murder mystery with a connection to another plane.
A great read that readers say heals the hurts of losing a loved one, too!


The Angel Chronicles by J.K. Johnson


About the Angel Chronicles...

One day J.K. Johnsonís mom committed suicide in front of her eyes. The 35 year old author went into a daze after the coroner took the body away. Itís all a blur now, but she knows she had a serious automobile accident, driving while drunk. For the next six years of her life, J.K. found herself behind bars because of the severity of the injury to the other driver. The story in this book began the day all this took place. Every day of those six years behind bars, the lines of the mystery/romance, with an otherworldly connection, were channeled to her, and she wrote them down, often on toilet paper. And every night the other inmates would listen anxiously for the next installmentÖ

Excerpted from
The Angel Chronicles Ö The Road to Damascus

Morgan stood for a moment and stared where the smile had been. The situation had unnerved her, and not simply because a killer might be stalking the art district. Her mind was on the detective's face... She returned to closing up the gallery, and her thoughts moved to visiting James. She was looking forward to seeing him...

James had been so worried about Morgan and her grieving for Laura...He remembered that Laura would tell Morgan that their kind of love only came once in a lifetime. They were soul mates and would be bound through time. Morgan was about to find out that not even death could break their bond.

Early Reviews

J.K. is truly a visionary writer. ĎLimboshiaí is an extremely thought-provoking world. A place where we all could wish to live, love and experience life, forever.
Julie Alcorn, psychic and herbal healer

A thoroughly enjoyable read! A great effort for an authorís first book, and very possibly for a trilogy or more. I canít wait!
Jacqueline Snyder, Green Valley, AZ


More about the author...

J.K. Johnsonís life hasnít been easy. Aside from seeing her mother kill herself, then spending years in jail after an accident she had while driving drunk afterward, she grew up with an abusive, alcoholic father. Forced to drop out of school in the ninth grade, she did get her GED at age 16. The one thing positive her father did was force her to memorize words from the dictionary when she misbehaved, by his bizarre rules. 

Her mom was a different story. Part Native American, she was a very spiritual and loving woman. The book J.K.ís written reflects that spiritual and warm side. Thereís an undercurrent of the other world throughout this tale of mystery and romance, and the ongoing struggle between good and evil, with entities from the other world penetrating this one, are never far from her consciousness as well as its pages.

But thatís not all there is to this lady. J.K.ís a talented artist and sculptor. To keep the roof over her head, she fixes the roofs of others, and is a home renovator as well.

This is the authorís first foray into the written word. Sheís already developing the next two in line, and another that is autobiographical. When she has time to get down from a roof.


J.K.'s going great guns with sales of her new book, we're happy to say, and expects a tidy profit before the end of the year. She has an innate sense of marketing and of course an intriguing book, and everywhere she goes she's finding excited readers and new buyers. Plans are to issue a follow-up trade paperback run by January 2009.

We suggested to J.K. that she start her own imprint, and she diligently went to work to create Angel Fire Publications. Look for more books from her in The Angel Chronicles series, and other books both autobiographical and fiction.

For more about J.K., and an idea of where to meet her in person, visit her website at


Are you looking for help in finishing or structuring a book? In editing, publishing? Pawpress has many services designed to demystify the process and make it fun! As well as potentially profitable for first-time and experienced authors, too!

We can help publish you under our Pawpress imprint, or help you set up your own. For J.K., we worked with on the editing, design and printing of her book, and prepared and set up listings and marketing materials in Books in Print and the Library of Congress, both giving buyers and sellers around the globe a way to buy and distribute her book. The Angel Chronicles will also be carried by premier national and international distributor Ingram as well as Baker & Taylor. Look for it soon on and B& You can also order it here, or ask for it at a bookstore near you.


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