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Pawprints Kids' Reviews - Los Angeles


Kids from Los Angeles Review Pawprints, and the NEW Pawprints Writing Clubs.

From the very first Pawprints Writing Club at Balboa Sports Center, Los Angeles.

"I'm very grateful for the kind comments of the kids, and many thanks to Karen Kalsman, Recreation Facilities Director, and Stacy, Rich and all the gang for their generous support of 'Pawprints!'  Except for the teasing on Squirrel Day, which will be a 'Pawprint"' to remember, in the next Pawpress books edition!" 

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"I like ‘Pawprints’ because it’s funny, romantic, freaky, and sort of weird. And because it’s about animals. Also because there’s lots for reading...I bring the book into school, and my teacher really likes it, too.  I read the stories to kids at my table, and they ask for more stories from 'Pawprints,' instead of other books."

Karen Levano, Age 8 1/2


"I guarantee you if you start reading this book, you won't put it down.  It's exciting to see what's going to happen next!  I wish this class wouldn't end!
                         Rachel Lau, Age 10


"Sometimes I read ‘Pawprints’ to my parents and they ask me if Ina’s writing another book, because they really like the stories.  I like to take 'Pawprints' to read in bed at night, and I bring it to school, too, to read to other kids. They really like the stories, too."
                               Cynthia Kaye, Age 9


"This is the best reading and writing class I ever had! It’s fun and exciting...’cause I love animals and the stories are about animals."                       Sophia Lopez, age 10

Kids from some of the other places in Los Angeles have said:

"Do we have to stop reading now?

From kids ages 7-12, at the campfire, WOW - L.A. (Wonderful Outdoor World, program teaching camping skills  to inner city kids, sponsored by the City of L.A., U.S.D.A. Forest Service, U.S.D.I. Bureau of Land Management, American Recreation Coalition, the Walt Disney Company and other environmental organizations.  WOW is a terrific program, now available in other cities in the U.S.  For information on getting WOW to your city, recreation or community center, contact The Recreation Roundtable at 202-682-9530




"I LOVE these stories!"
Wesley, age 12, Baldwin Hills Recreation Center, City of L.A. Dept. of Rec and Parks



"I love 'Moonlit Fox!'  Do you mind if we rap it?"

(Teens in a band at special safe haven house, working with Ina to prepare for 'Pawprints Live' -- spoken word and music show.  Contact Ina if you are interested in getting more information about "Pawprints Live!")




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