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Here are just a few story and photo starters for you. 
We'll be adding more all the time, so see the buttons at the bottom, and keep on visiting!

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Sam Cat, from a story in "Pawprints," leaping up because she's afraid of the rug. Do your pets do anything weird?


Tamba, Sascha's mom.  If you look very hard, you can see Sascha under her sister.  There were six kittens altogether!! 

Can you tell what a Mobius twist is from
this pose for which Rapper was famous?
Hint: check it out in the dictionary to be sure


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A not terrific shot of Sascha, a star of "Pawprints," and a friend of hers.  You could do better, right?? But Ina wanted you to meet Sasch.

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                                                                            More Pix of Pix!

                                                                                             Story Starters -- Critters

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