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We're posting new stories and pictures on this page.  Do send us yours!  While not all photos and stories can be posted, we love to see and share as many new kids' stories and pictures, both photos and drawings as we can.
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Melanie Baum, daughter of our Virtuoso Vet, Dr. Barry Baum, with Fessie

See if you can figure out what's happening here.  It's a shot Ina took at Sea World.
You might want to use this as a story starter!

By Mojdeh, from L.A. Pawprints class

Dog, by Nojan, L.A. Pawprints class


By Laurie B., Third Grade, 1968
P.S. 87, New York, NY

I travel around on Halloween.  I might go to Africa or to a desert.  I might go to a little girl or even a little boy.  If they get me I hope they will keep me, but they might sell me for some milk or eggs, or even vitamins and shots for health.  I might be in a lady's purse and she might take me out. 

I have a lot of friends like nickels, quarters, dimes, and sometimes I'm with dollars.  I like being with millionaires because then I can have many friends. 

I like being a penny.  I am a 1968 penny.  I hope I will come into somebody else's purse or wallet.  But now I'm with a skinny lady who is rich.  I like the lady I'm with but sometimes I get bored. 

I was once with a lady who gave me away to a little girl, and the girl threw me and she stepped on me and I was very badly hurt; she didn't care about me.  Once the girl showed me to a boy, and she gave me to the boy and told him, "I hate that penny!"  The boy asked, "Why?"  And she had no answer.  The boy said, "You should not hate that penny if you don't know why you hate it."  She said, "I don't know why I said that."  The boy said, "I will take that penny if you don't like it." 

So the boy took me.  He sold me for some candy, and then I was in a lady's cash register.  When the store closed, I was all alone.  I was scared.  The food looked like scary faces.  In the morning the store opened.  The lady gave me away to another lady for change. 

 Soon it was Halloween.  The lady I was with gave me away to a little girl who was dressed in a tiger costume.  I got flipped into a little box called the UNICEF box.  And then I went to another house with the girl.  A nickel dropped in and I stayed with that nickel. 


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