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Hi, Guys --

I just returned from New York City.  I was talking to kids at Wagner Middle School again, students of Mr. Yerger. They had some wonderful experiences since I saw them in September. 

The kids listed kind acts they, or people they are close  to, performed for animals.  Kids in Los Angeles, at the Winter Camp for EPICC (Exposition Park Intergenerational Childcare Center) also came up with ideas for kind acts they plan to do in the coming year.  Looking at these lists, can you think of kind things you can do for animals?  What are they?  And do these acts give you ideas for stories? 

After the lists of things the kids did, or plan to do, you'll find some words to describe how doing kind things makes them feel.  Please include your own feelings. 

Mr. Yerger told the kids in New York they would be eligible for ARISTA next year, an honor that requires three things:  nomination by your teachers, a good grade level, and community service.  He suggested that doing kindnesses such as the ones below would certainly count as community service.  And added that walking or caring for pets for elderly and ill people would also be a good community service act.  Can you think of ways you could volunteer for such activities? Be sure to check with your parents and other adults in your neighborhood before you start, and set up ways to be sure you are helping people who are trustworthy.

We love the idea of sharing ideas for being kind to animals, whether they are your pets, animals on the street or anywhere!  And also, helping kids think of ways they can do community service projects.

Please send us your ideas and things you've done that were kind to animals, and we'll post them so other kids can share.


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Acts of Kindness toward Animals, Mr. Yerger's 6th Grade Science Classes

 Class 623




  NOTE:  We talked about why people do such mean things to little kittens and puppies. The kids felt that the people who owned the kittens thought they couldn't take care of them, so they threw them in the garbage to die.  The kids think this is cruel.  Do you?  Can you think of ways to handle puppies or kittens if your pets have them?  Some of the kids suggested that you could keep the girl animals apart from the boy animals, so they wouldn't have more babies than you can find homes for.  Other kids thought that is pretty hard to do.  We talked about finding homes for all little kittens and puppies and other pet babies, and we also talked about how important spaying and neutering are.  Why do you think we talked about spaying and neutering?  How could that help?  (HINT:  If you don't know what this is, you could contact your local SPCA or Humane Association and they will be happy to explain it to you.)


Alexandria -- tried to help a bug

Alexandria reports that she asked her mother not to step on a cockroach, which she told her Mom was her pet, Walter.  Her Mom stepped on him anyway.  Most of the kids sided with her Mom on this one.  Would you?  Do you think Alexandria  was kidding us?  Did she really feel that "Walter" was her pet?

Robin -- Dad's a hero

Robin's Dad saved a lost and sick cat, and they named it Mimi.  Robin felt good about his Dad.  Wouldn't you?

Class 624 -- no names were listed, but here are some of the good pet deeds

Helped a dog after he fell and hurt himself.

Removed a turtle from the runway of an airport.  Then, brought the turtle to a pond just next to the runway, from which it had probably come.

Another person also worked with a turtle, this time to get it adopted and find it a good home.

One person saw a dog that was sad, and cheered it up by giving it attention.

Fed a hungry stray dog.

Rescued a pet ferret from the blender. (It had crawled in to investigate, and couldn't get out.)

Flipped over a snake that couldn't right itself.

Bought biscuits for a neighbor's dog.

Cleaned the fish bowl at home.


Here are Some of the Ways Being Kind to Animals Makes Kids Feel about Themselves, and about Others who are Kind to Critters

Like a good person


Like a kind person

Like a caring person

Like a loving person

Like I did something good, and I feel good about myself!

Like a person who does not want coal for Christmas



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Photos and text 2003 Ina Hillebrandt.  Updated 2011. All rights reserved

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