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We are continuing here to share with you more of the moving, at times funny, and always loving, tributes our human friends are sending us about the loss of their furry, feathery and scaly buddies. As we said originally, losing a pet is one of the hardest trials facing those of us who love them.  It helps to recognize that we all leave the planet at some point, and that the process is natural.  But at the time, it hurts.  Enormously.  And often, it hurts for a long time.  A friend recently said to me, "I can't believe I still miss our little dog Peter.  He died four years ago, and I still think of him often, and miss him very much." 

We at Pawprints hope you find some comfort here, if you have lost a pet.  And, please, if you have a story you'd like to share, scroll down to the box at the bottom of this page and send it in.  We're posting visitor stories and photos and would be pleased to add yours.

More pet eulogies here

Your own furry, scaly or feathery pet(s)' tributes are welcome!
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July 9, 2018


Today I lost a true friend. Her name was Mollie. She was just a little mutt, but to me she was the most beautiful dog in the world.


She was much more than a friend. She was my little girl. I know some people would say she's just a dog. You see, my wife and I never had any children so to us she was like our family.


My wife brought her home one cold rainy day after finding her on the street almost being hit by a city bus. We had two other dogs at the time and I wasn't very happy about having a third dog. One of our dogs had just had surgery on her leg and was having a very hard time learning to walk on it again. I wasn't sure if she would ever be able to run or play again. That's where Mollie came in. She would want to play with Annie and was relentless, so Annie finally gave in and started to use her leg. And after some time, she returned to normal.


What a blessing that little dog was, so it's not hard to understand how my love grew for that little mutt. We had her for 13 years and not a day went by that she wasn't happy to see me when I would get home. She would wag her little stub of a tail and give me kisses


I am going to miss her more than words can express, but I know there is a place in heaven reserved for her and with any luck we will be together again someday and what a wonderful day. Until then she will always be in my heart because she was so much more than just a dog to me.


Sent to us by Steven Campanelli, Louisville, KY


 Letter to Charlie

February 9, 2016



As I type this letter with tears falling on the keyboard, as I type this letter with my heart swelling with pain and grief; with memories stored away I hope to find some solace and forgiveness and peace of mind.

The first time I saw you at the gas station it was cold and drizzling and there you were so malnourished that I was counting your ribs. I saw people come and go with food and thought to myself, "I'm not leaving you here." You let me approach you and I carried you to my car and took you home. You were so timid and afraid that you didn't want to eat, drink or come out of the closet. I bathed you and made sure you were clean. The hope was to find you a loving family where you could have a warm place to live, play, be happy. I never knew that family would be mine. I took you to get neutered, shots...the whole nine yards. I stayed up with you when you came home because you were in pain and restless and neither of us got any sleep even though I had to work the next day. But it passed.

Charlie, as you grew comfortable with us that's when you decided to show your true colors. I'm sorry papa but you were a total menace!! You ate my shoes and two of my bras! You jumped the backyard fence ALL the time and we had to go looking for you or you would find your way back home. You tore up the bag of food and I couldn't help but laugh because when I came home and saw the mess you ran up and jumped on me like everything was peachy! Yes, I cleaned it up and every other mess you did I cleaned that too. Although you were a complete terror I still loved you and spoiled you. You were never allowed on my bed because of all the shedding so I told you, "Go to your bed!" And you did. But in the morning when I would wake you were there snoring away! I couldn't help but smile and let it slide...just like the other nights that came and went. I took you to the dog park where you humped every dog in sight and I was so embarrassed but laughed anyways. You had fun and enjoyed the park and our walks. My favorite memory of you was when we were all laying on my bed and you were in a deep sleep and started dreaming. You kicked and whimpered so hard that you fell off the bed and I laughed so hard till the tears came falling down. You shook it off and climbed back up and went back to sleep; sleeping closer to me away from the edge. I cried when the lawn mower man shredded your pumpkin squeaky toy because it was your favorite and you were very sad. You had a personality all your own and you were so unique. I loved it! It was a challenge and Charlie...challenge accepted!

That fateful day we were planning to go for a walk but I had forgot my phone in the house. You didn't want to wait; you wanted to walk! You got loose from your leash and ran to the curb where a car who ran a stop sign at 30mph took you and you flew towards the neighbors house. I snapped and ran to you and I knew you had probably broken a hip. I don't know where I got the strength to pick all 50 lbs of you but I did and carried you into the house. I called every vet in town and finally one recommended me to a 24 vet clinic but an hour away in the next town. I didn't care. My mom and I rushed you to the hospital and I was with you in the back trying to be strong and tell you you're gonna be okay. We got to the clinic and it is there where we received the bad news: your spinal cord was completely severed and your quality of life was grim.


I didn't care if you were to be handicapped on wheels or I had to feed you myself but the vet said that you would be in too much pain. The only thing to do was to end your suffering. I bawled like a baby, strong in my will to keep you alive. Googling options: researching other alternatives but there was none. I didn't want to end your life, Charlie; you were only 1 yr old. So young and energetic and full of life. I couldn't do that. I loved you so much I couldn't let you go. My mom made the decision for me and like a coward I didn't want to be there. I didn't want to hear your last breath. I did want to feel your heart stop. I didn't want to see your eyes close one final time. I didn't want any part of it. I wanted to go home. I wanted to be selfish for my sake but I couldn't do that to you either. I wanted you to see my face. I wanted you to feel my tears. I wanted you to feel my breath and hear my words before you closed your eyes. I must have said "I'm sorry" 100 times that day and 10 times everyday since then. I went home heartbroken and out of tears. Devastated. I blamed myself and still do. If we hadn't gone for a walk, if I hadn't forgotten my phone or just left it there you would be with me. Causing havoc.

Everyday I ask for your forgiveness. Everyday I look at your nametag and paw print of your ashes and think of all the memories I had with you. Everyday I wonder if you still love me and remember me. I still find myself calling your name sometimes whenever your sisters do something wrong or when they are outside and tears stream down my face. Since your death Charlie we have adopted Stella from the shelter and I expected her to have your personality; your love for fun. But she is very timid and afraid and she is a work in progress. You will never be replaced Charlie, no matter how many pets come and go in my life. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

I guess the purpose of this letter is to forgive myself for what I have done to you. Ease my conscience, ease my pain. I want you to forgive me for taking your life so soon, forgive me for the decision I had to make. Let me know that you're okay and running wild and happy at the rainbow bridge. No more leashes or restrictions. Even though you were a complete tyrant I loved you with all my heart and soul. I know, Charlie, that someday we will meet again and I hope it will be with your wagging tail and sloppy kisses. Run free, Papas. Run free.

Sent to us by Annie Castaneda, San Antonio, Texas


Dear creature of God, created with magnificence, beauty and love.

You were taken so prematurely by an overweight orange tabby. Please forgive his trespasses for he acted according to his nature. Please know that his owner has honored your presence and being at this time.
May you carry with you happy, carefree, joyful moments on earth. Hear the laughter of humans who pass along this trail, songs of the birds and sound of the running streams as you lay in this grave. Know that you will be missed by your bird friends when they gathered around the bird feeder.

Go in peace in love with God. Amen.


Sent to us by Ruby, San Francisco, CA, Jan. 29, 2016


Queen Lyric Mason

Departed This Life on Thursday July 16, 2015

Ms. Queen Lyric Mason was born in Forrest City, Arkansas. where she was blessed to have her adopted family, Korey White and Tillman Mason, and a sister Trinity Mason. Queen enjoyed having her belly rubbed, and loved biting things. She was just a loveable pet.

We miss and love you, Queen Lyric Mason.

She is remembered by her human parents, Korey & Tillman Mason, her special human sister Trinity Mason, also friends P. J. Dayon, Peyton, Pooh, E.J., Tre, Paris Jr,, Preton, Betty Burgess, Maria Davis, Dae Dae, Prince Alex White, K.K. White, special Uncle and friend Rev Albert White, and many more.

Sent to us by Albert White, Memphis, Arkansas


July 15, 2000 to April 22, 2015


The most delightful, joyful, kind and unselfish member of our family has succumbed to the ravages of old age. Car rides, leftovers, opening the front door and walks will never be the same.

We thank Cleo for her presence in our heart, where she will reside forever. Her physical absence though felt acutely in this moment is intellectually accepted as what was best for Cleo. Loss of her abilities to enjoy life was painful to witness. Navigating the days without her is a bit like stumbling in the dark. We built our lives around her. Our perfect lady, loved by all who were fortunate enough to know her. My dear girl,15.9 years of unconditional love and presence is powerful. The loss is painful yet acceptable as a part of life, and given the opportunity to know such a wonderful being/spirit, we were blessed.

An unwelcomed life transition, so bitter, so sweet. My girl forever in my heart like a longing for yesterday. She is with us forever, a part of this family tree bonded in love. The sorrow is a stillness this home has never known. Her affection and attention filled my life. I know she is no longer suffering and in this I gather peace. Buried with flowers and prayers, perfumed, oiled, wrapped. A dignified departure with prayers, candles and hugs. She left peacefully and so loved. She will be our love beyond measure.

Sent to us by Leslie, Miami, Florida

A Loving Eulogy for Arthur Hanson Ragozzino

4/1996 to 2/2015


A lucky cat was he. Loving nurses rescued this tossed away kitten from the hospital storm drain hours before the arrival of Tropical Storm Arthur. Covered with sardine juice required for the rescue, he arrived with reluctance to his new home. From castaway to Prince, he moved into the ultimate cat haven with trees, grass, no cars, the salt marsh which he loved and his own cat customized kayak in which he loved to tour with his proud parents Mark and Karen.

A feisty character, never hiding his like or dislike for those around him, he made indelible impressions upon his many human "cousins," much to their dismay. He was a loving cat to Mark and Karen. Playing "basket," "plant," and "string" were his passions. Perhaps a bit of Norman ancestry in his past as demonstrated by his love for rabbit, foie gras, and Norwegian goat cheese. He lived 19 blissful years, passing quietly in our arms, without pain or distress. We will always love Arthur.

Sent to us by Mark R, Raleigh, North Carolina

In Loving Tribute to Mow Mow

May 1998-February 21, 2015

I have been a loner my whole life and have found it hard to connect with anyone. After a painful divorce I was given an orange kitten whose family was euthanized by animal control. So I adopted him and named him Mow Mow. Through all my hurt he was there for me. Whenever I cried he would rub against me, making me feel better. And he always knew when I felt bad somehow.

I started a band 15 years ago and he was my band mascot ttat everyone knew. Mow Mow passed yesterday 2-21-2015. He was 17 years old. For the past week he has stuck close to me as he knew he was going to leave me.

There are no words to explain how I feel or the pain in my heart right now. I hope heaven does let us somehow see our pets again. I will forever hurt in my heart until that time.

I love you Mow Mow, my baby, and will miss you oh, so much..........


Sent to us by Mow Mow's dad, New Jersey

In Loving Tribute to Missy Kitty (Miss Mischief)

1995 --2015

When I got Missy from the Animal Protective League, she was in a cage with five other white kittens. I scooped her up and brought her home. My husband, who was very ill, looked at her, agreed she was nice, but asked me to make SURE I kept her away from him, because he did NOT like cats.

Well, she was DETERMINED he WAS going to like her! So, she'd always be looking for him, and even if he was ill and in bed, she'd scamper back to the bedroom to keep him company. After about a month of her living with us, I heard him saying, "Oh Missy! Come here! Daddy loves you!"

Ha ha.

My dear husband passed away four years ago. Missy was age 19 1/2 when I lost her...So today......I feel like he is taking care of her until we all are together again.

I miss him......I miss my Missy Kitty too.....

Sent to us by Deirdre HB, Cleveland, O

A Loving Tribute to My Skitty

January, 2015

Dearly departed Skitty,

I know I am quite late in writing this eulogy but I couldn't write at the time of your death. I wasn't myself. I was shocked and mad with grief. Now I am writing this eulogy so hear this:

I had you for one month. One perfect month. Your presence meant peace, freedom from depression. You ,in your own perfect way, completed my life. Your shinning eyes and small hand used to light up my world. I loved you, I still do. There are thousands of cats and kittens but they aren't you. You are my Skitty. My SKITTY. How lovely does that sound.

You were a fighter. You fought every disease and you died fighting cold. I love you my soldier. I will always love you. I wish I could hold you one more time. I wish... Meet me in the heavens.

Your best friend,


Sent to us by Bariyah F., Phoenix, AZ

In Memory of Mistress Trimble

September 11, 2014


The queenliest of cats, Mistress came from humble beginnings. She was found in Dublin in 1996, shivering, skinny and alone late one night on a deserted street. Always aspiring from monarchy towards complete totalitarianism she ruled with a rod of iron, keeping whichever feline she lived with in check, and also Chelsea the dog. Her days were spent pondering the mystery of life, playing with her companions, and catching mice from time to time. Even at the end of her life her imperial ambitions were never thwarted. Black and white, Mistress kept herself impeccably groomed. She had the loudest of purrs and the shrillest of meows. Her beauty and grace knew no bounds. She charmed all who knew her with her frosty exterior and her secret inner kitten soul. By 11 September 2014 she couldn't go on any longer, it was time to depart from us.

We miss her so much.

RIP Mistress

Sent to us by Ciara, from Dublin, Ireland


2003 - November 29, 2014

Bella. my dog of 11 years, died on Saturday the 29th of November. I am devastated, My heart is completely broken. Bella and her life long companion, another Chihuahua named Charley, were brought home by my children. They had two litters of pups. Though it was against my advice, I allowed my kids to keep five of the pups. Well, when they were no longer cute and cuddly puppies, my children lost almost total interest in them.

Eventually their care fell on me, I walked them, fed them, bathed them, cleaned up their poop and pee. I had a love/hate relationship going with them. However, I came to love them very much. I am senior citizen living on a fixed income. When Bella became sick with a cough, I thought if I keep her warm and comfy, she would recover, but she became worse, and I had no money for medical care, and the vets would not help her without money. My heart is broken. I cried like a baby when she died. She trusted me and I betrayed that trust, I should have done more to raise the money for her medical care. I believe animals have souls and they will go to heaven. I hope she forgives me. Oh, Bella. gentle and loving soul, go with god. I share the sorrow you have for the loss of your wonderful animals.

Take care, and Love,
Merlo W., San Francisco, CA

Merlo, we hope you know that your friend Bella was granted a long life in a loving home by your kindness over the years. Please know that it may not have been possible to save her -- she was not a young girl, and she did have many good years.

A Eulogy for a Fine Lady
Mo Mo Dog

February 10, 2014

I woke up this morning knowing later this day I would be laying down my beloved Mo Mo to her final resting.

We adopted You, or more truthfully, You adopted us.

Our first activity together was a walk around the block. And you insisted that this endeavor be repeated as often as possible throughout our relationship. We did our best to fulfill this request.

You had some interesting quirks about you, Fine Lady.

You never quite fully grasped the concept of moving backwards, it always seemed a challenge for you.

You disdained wet grass, and avoided it at all cost.

Chasing a ball was obviously beneath you, but let a cat or a squirrel enter your domain and it was game on.

You insisted we play soccer with your milk bones prior to you consuming it. Never could figure out how that process got started, but it seemed to bring you great joy and pleasure so we became your own personal on demand soccer team.

You never listened to me, but Joan could talk you into eating anything that was in your bowl.

You stood guard at night, protecting us, your adopted family. You put yourself in harms way by placing yourself between us and a would be burglar one night. For this my Dear Sweet Lady, I cannot thank you enough.

Your head butts of love will be missed.

You have been a true and faithful companion. Sadly age and disease have taken their toll and our walk on this earth together is soon to come to an end.

Your struggles will soon be over my Fine Lady.

You will be in the arms of Jesus and will be surrounded by your litter mates, your parents and all your ancestors. Fields and forests await you in heaven, with no wet grass. God willing, we will meet again in heaven.

My Fine Lady, Thank you for all your love.

Sent to us by Ed B., Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
* As we wrote Ed, we feel writing about the loss of our pets is important. They are family, and we miss them terribly when we lose them.. Our hearts to out to all who have lost a dear pet, and we have also found, as Ed said in a cover note, that sharing the story with others is a help in handling our loss.


2001 - Dec. 8, 2012

Pebbles came to us when she was already 9 years old. My mother-in-law brought her home from a yard sale, where her previous owners were giving her away. It was love at first sight, so my husband, my children and I kept her. My daughters were instantly enamored, choosing to call her Tiny as she was a small dog. They played with her, "doctored" her up, and loved her. My son cuddled with her as much as I did. It took a while for her to brow on my husband but in the end he loved as much as we did.

She was a sweet dog. Never complained, never caused a moments worry until she became sick. She had to be put to sleep on December 8th, 2012 as her kidneys were failing and she had come down with pneumonia, we couldn't let her suffer anymore. She fit into our family so well. I miss her barks, which sounded more like she was saying "ruff".

We only had her for a year and half, and we suspect that her former home life was not exactly kind as she always seemed to flinch with sudden movements. We are blessed that she came to us, and we are happy that we gave her the love she deserved. Pebbles will always be loved by us and we hope that someday we will see her again as we cross over the Rainbow Bridge.

Sent to us by Amy M, Tampa-St. Petersberg, FL


November, 2011 - July 31, 2012

After my cat of 15 years passed away, we felt a void that could not be filled. That was until we decided to take a trip to a pet shop just to look at other pets to see if the time was right and it was. We saw two Lab Puppies, a Yellow and a Black Retriever. We took the Yellow one to the family area and he was just too spunky for our then 1 1/2 year old daughter. So we asked if we can see the Black Lab.

He must have studied us because he knew what not to do and he seemed as charming as can be. We knew right then that he was "THE ONE"!!! No sooner did we close the deal and take him home, we come to find he was a little maniac. He did calm down after a while and became the most unique pet and friend one could ever want. He was not a dog that did tricks, but he was very, very clever and smart.

He had a personality of his own and never was shunned by other dogs or people. He was very well liked and was a joy to be around. He traveled quite a bit with our moves from New Jersey to Florida to his final home in North Carolina.

He loved taking rides and his Frosty Paw Ice Cream treats. Then things started to take a turn for him. He began to get a hack that sounded like Kennel Cough. We took him to a Vet in February of this year and he was diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis (flaps in voice box donít function right), and his doctor said he may need surgery to allow him to breathe better. We were to take him this month of August, 2012,. for tests.

He never had that chance. On July 31st 2012, Onyx started his day like he always did and he began having more labored breathing so we took him to an emergency Vet. They tried to control his breathing and in the process he went into cardiac arrest twice and showed no brain activity. We had to let him go.

We are so very saddened by his passing and he will never be replaced. You can only start anew. His memories will last forever. He is now at peace and each passing day the pain subsides a little more. He is in our hearts and prayers and we miss him very much. He would have been 11 in November.

Sent to us by Adam V., Raleigh, North Carolina


Damn Good Dog!!!!

For 12 years, since he was a long-legged gangly puppy until he was a gray in the face old man, my buddy Ben provided us a lifetime of love. He was always up for chasing the Frisbee or tennis ball, playing volleyball at the pool, or tug-a-war with his toys, but more than anything he loved being a heel hound, following me and Janet wherever we went. When he was young, I taught him a few commands (sit, heal, shake, etc) and catching Frisbees and such, but that pales in comparison to what he taught me.

He taught me about perseverance by showing me how long it took for him to stare at a ball under a piece of furniture before Janet would figure out that she needed to get it for him. He taught me patience by being able to stare at me with that pitiful look until I was compelled to "drop" a piece of food for him.

He taught me compassion by knowing just the right amount of tongue licks it took to diminish any troubles I may have had. Most of all he taught me about the unconditional love that one being could have for another. Never a bad day or too much to do that diminished his excitement when I returned home. Always ready for a seat in my lap and a rubbing until his foot started bouncing in time with my hands.

So much will be missed about our bubba, but even more will be remembered. If life is a system of balances, of yin and yang, birth and death, light and dark. then the proof of the great pleasures he gave me lies in the quantity of pain his passing has caused.

Submitted to us by Jason, :Atlanta, Georgia



The world we knew together
Wonít ever be the same
You came to me unexpectedly
And youíre leaving my heart maimed

I miss your smile, your eager eyes
Awaiting something by surprise,
Your lows, your highs,
Your compromises;
I fell deep
In your last sleep.

Your dreams I pray they are of me
Still of this world I pray you see
How much youíre missed and cared about
And how I wish you were here now.

I wanted to save you one more time
But Girlee, I knew deep down inside
You needed freed from suffering
You no longer needed me.

I pray you share our memories
And the secrets, too, as well
As youíre chatting up with furry friends
It wonít matter who you tell.

Because I talk about you all the time,
Thereís nothing I want to hide
The good, the bad, the silly, the sad
Weíll continue on the other side.



2009 - March 1, 2012
Passed away 5:54 am this morning


We had a memorable time together. You managed to fill my life with joy and happiness. And you brought laughter to everyone around you. Though as old as you were, you were still that attention seeking little kitten that was never too old to play. Although you had your annoying were still that big lovable "Tonsta" we had came to love. You thought me how to love, and appreciate even the smallest things in life. You were Awesome.

Sent to us by Tyrone, St. Kitts-Nevis


The memories of my cat

We will miss you, Midnight. You were so loved and cherished. We will miss you.


Sincerely, Kayla and Rylee


Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let airplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message she is dead.
Put crepe bows round the white necks of the public doves;
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

She was our cat, our friend, our pet, our Pearl,
She provided softness and loving in a hardened world,
Mornings and midnights she sang her song;
we thought sheíd live a lot longer: we were wrong.

The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,
Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

(apologies to WH Auden)

Sent to us by Michael K, Houston, TX

In Loving Memory of Jagger-Kitty

Left us on February 20, 2012
One adorable pussycat, eulogy photo for Jagger-Kitty

Jagger came to me on little cat feet with a broken tail some 22 years ago. She was an always present, never annoying, tiny little thing. Her maximum weight reached only six pounds. Even as small as she was, Jagger took no guff from anyone, any dog or any cat. She even faced off with a couple of squirrels during her lifetime. She landed me in the hospital twice during two experiences when she was scared and bit me (once at the vetís and once while I tried to carry her into my new home in Colorado after a 24 hour car trip). People told me I was nuts to keep her but I never even considered letting her go. She was with me through four moves (one out of state) two failed marriages and multiple failed relationships. In fact, she was with me longer than Iíve had any husband.

Jagger had a stroke in 2009 and I thought that was to be the end of her then. Miraculously, she pulled herself up by the bootstraps and with a pronounced limp, lack of balance and ability to chew on only one side of her mouth stayed with me another 2 + years. The stroke never affected her appetite or ability to jump on furniture for a better view. One could set their watch by her uncanny knowledge as to when it was time for breakfast--always on time and always very vocal about it. I knew when she didnít come to eat this morning that she was either stuck outside or she had died during the night. Although illness and old age had never stopped her love for breakfast, I noticed that over the past week she was not her usual self. I was planning on taking her to the vet today but we found her under the hide-a-bed where I sleep. She was long gone.

Jagger was never a cat- or people-friendly little thing. She much preferred the company of dogs and she had bitten quite a few people who dared to pet her even though they were forewarned about her disposition. She will be sadly missed by me and the dogs.

Sent to us by Bobbie A., Denver, Colorado


Died December 17, 2011


You passed away this morning. It was so unexpected but I knew you were leaving me. You were my son Cody's cat for so many years, and when he went to be with our Lord in 2008 you were as lost as I was. You were such a great friend and a very loyal companion. I remember when you used to sit on Cody's lap and he would let you lick his yogurt container when he was done with it. You would sleep on his bed with him and when I found him that morning you were curled up right by his side. Then our whole life changed. When we moved out here to Texas, you escaped at the rest area and Craig jumped the fence into the briars to find you. You came when I called with a look as if to say "What? I was just doing some exploring...." and Craig came out of the woods all covered in cuts and scratches. We all ! think back on that day and laugh still. Poor little Lola went looking for you this morning. She already misses her brother. Even though she is a dog and you a cat, you were the only sibling she has ever known in her one year of life. The whole family is so very sad to see you go. I know that you are going to the Rainbow Bridge and Cody will be there to welcome you home to be with him once more. That is the only thing that brings me comfort right now. We buried you at Sunset Lake this morning at sunrise. Not far from the place that your mommy and daddy got married. I placed a ring of seashells around your grave and made a cross for you. Daddy and Lola and I will miss you forever.

You were the BEST CAT EVER. RIP my dear sweet Sunni Boy. I love you,

Sent to us by Pamela S., Portland, TX

Tiger Cat

The stray who came to stay
Red, goopy-eyed, chewed up ears, beebies in your butt, scraggly haired.
You were always beautiful to me.
Rest well.
December, 2011

Sent to us by Jeanne S., Buffalo, New York

Do you have a story of a pet who has passed away that you'd like to share?  You can send it to us here, as did the Steele family and others above. Please use the form below. We'll post as soon as possible and get back to you to let you know your pet's memorial has been posted. Thank you so much for sharing ... you will help others cope with the loss of their pets as well, we hope, yourself.
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