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Buy "Pawprints"

FREE first classroom lesson plan --
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"Pawprints" For grade 1, unless children are exceptional readers, one book for the class is recommended.  For grades 2 and up, class sets recommended but not mandatory, to provide students with their own books to read, facilitating group activities.  Single book purchase price $12.95, plus s/h and tax in CA.
30% educator discount on min. 25 books
Click here to order 25 or more.

"The Student Prints"  Full semester+ easy-to-use, standards-based curriculum guide. Written for elementary-middle school, adaptable through high school. Retail price $29.95.
30 % discount applies to single or multiple book purchase
.  No min.  One per teacher/class recommended. Click here to order 1 or more.

Available through us only:  "KidPrints" Series, books by and for Kids, grades 1-6. Available at our cost $14.95. No min. per class. Large orders (100 or more)  at reduced rates. Contact us for de-tails.

Buy Curriculum Guide


Please call us to discuss program designs and pricing to meet your needs.


Two half-day sessions or one full day session. 
Up to 25 participants per workshop.



ndividual and group coaching available.



A cost-effective way to work with your staff to implement our curriculum. 


   Pawprints Literacy Plus Program — K-12


Artwork by Alyssa Sanchez, Third Grade, City of LA Department of Recreation and Parks, Hubert Humphrey Child Care, Pawprints Literacy Plus After-School Enrichment


Three, six and eleven sessions formats available


The program can also be incorporated year-round


For Core Curriculum


And After-School Enrichment  

"Pawprints" class set(s) preferable. If desired, the author can appear


   New! SIP -- Our Special Introductory plan


The 3 session, all-in-one-week format works very well to bring the benefits of content along with author presence. Teachers set up the first class, author appears in the second, and teachers follow-up in the third session. For each set of class books, we will provide set-up instructions, and a lesson plan, or we can provide coaching/training sessions (see above).

  Turnkey Programs 

Especially useful for after-school enrichment. Includes all classroom facilitation. Requires class set of "Pawprints" (see above). Optional: "Kidprints."  Does not require workbook.

Basic Turnkey: 3 sessions, 15-30 students per session, including reading, and writing of one story by each child.

The Kangaroo
6 sessions. Above, plus all children participating will get special recognition and take-home keepsakes.

The Lion:
11 sessions. Includes above plus full range of lessons incorporating other arts and life science exercises.


    Adult Classes




Get rid of that "I've always wanted to write, but..." bug!  Ina provides unique block-busters guaranteed to bring out the hidden creative genius in us all.  Course includes creativity techniques she developed for Fortune 500 clients, in addition to exclusive, fun and powerful reading and writing exercises.

Variety of themes available:  memoir writing, free creative exploration, nature musings. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly sessions. Requires purchase of one "Pawprints" book per student, "How to Write Your Memoir" for memoir writing classes. Max. number per group 15.

One day and ten week programs. Longer terms available. Book of students’ stories optional; cost depends upon number of students, color vs. black and white.  Other books of previous students' stories also available.

See more info about our Footprints Writing Clubs for Seniors and other adults.


Contact us for rates.

Author Visits

A visit by the author for a single classroom session, meeting with adult students, faculty or parents,  is also available. Please call us for information.

We invite you to contact us to schedule professional workshops, coaching or facilitation programs. We tailor programs to suit individual organizations’ needs.

Please note:  We are in the process of fund raising to make more scholarships available through our nonprofit foundation.  For more information, or to help us expand our program for low-moderate income youth and seniors further, please visit our foundation pages. We also invite you to contact us.

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