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How to Write Your Memoirs' by Ina Hillebrandt...Makes writing your life histories fun!
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Ina's Footprints Memoir Writing Workshops on Zoom

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Welcome to InasPawprints! Your home for books, writers' tools and gifts to aMUSE people and pets

Do sit a spell. We have books and gifts for writers and animal lovers, free writing tools and classes plus individual coaching for writers of memoir and fiction. We also have special  programs for pet-loving kids, to help expand literacy and kindness to animals, plus an easy to use curriculum guide for teachers and parents. And check out questions from Virtuoso Vet Dr. Barry Baum, where you can find answers to your own questions on pet care! For much of the content on our site, use the top menu, and use on the right to get to more specific pages.

Have a good time!  When you leave, tell a friend, and come on back!

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