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The most inspirational, beautiful and haunting message about living life from one of the world's great writers, Gabriel Garcia Marquez


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Pawprints, by Ina

The bestselling book that's aMUSEing animal lovers of all ages, and people who celebrate the
little moments in life!

"I love this book!  The stories make you feel you are right there!"  Teresa Proscewitz, City of Los Angeles Dept. of Recreation and Parks, L.A.

"'Pawprints' is a potpourri of charming little stories, with a surprise on every page...Vivid observations of life, written from a very different, engaging point of view."
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Available only from us

"I picked up 'Diving Boards' and knew it was one I had to own and send to my friends.  It's joyful and though-provoking...One of those gems you pull out  when you want inspiration."
Annette Darrell, Manager, Tribal Arts Gallery, Carmel, CA


Footprints Memoir and Creative/Fiction Classes
Live or By Phone or COMING - Zoom Online

Perfect Antidote for COVID Cabin Fever

KEYWORDS: FUN! and Yes, You Can Write!

Classes Led by Ina, The "'Pawprints' and
'How to Write Your Memoirs' Lady"

Read Press Review           
Students' and Librarian's Review of Class

See Ina and Footprints Class Members Perform


Author and Coach Ina Hillebrandt on WXEL-PBS for 'Pawprints'

New! Writing Tips and Tales on
InasBlog and  archived Podcast. from 5/20 on Lillian Brummet's Conscious Discussions show

Also see tips in

Videos on PBS and online


See Ina and students read stories springing from the book and classes

Buy Your Copy today--
Price going up Jan. 1

$14.95 after discount!
Peek inside or buy:

New! Videos
See authors read selected stories!

Poignant, funny, tender, frightening insightful memories narrated in the distinctive voices of Angelenos originally from a range of contents, countries and times ... Ms. G.S., a "senior senior" still active in music, arts and literacy programs in Los Angeles, said about our new collection of memoirs:
"These words are alive!  The stories are so honest, they're really refreshing."

Peek inside or buy:



Why Consider Ina's Memoir and Fiction Writing Workshops?

  • Do you have scraps of paper sitting in an old shoe box?

  • Have you thought you'd like to get those scraps organized, and maybe the family will quit bugging you?

  • Or are you a writer new to the memoir form?

Then You Owe it to Yourself! 

Capture Your Memories - or Invent Some

Register Early for Discount!

Have you been thinking about writing your life stories, but stumped about where and how to start?

Join Ina! Here's what will happen ....

  • You'll break through writer’s block!
    Ina’s Weird Prompts and books, including
    “How to Write Your Memoirs” make it easy, and fun!

  • Organize your ideas.

  • Fire that inner critic!

  • Create either fiction or memoirs even people
    who are not your mother will savor!

  • Enjoy sharing your stories with people from different worlds.

  • GET PUBLISHED! Our last collection is an bestseller.

"Makes my week!" Howard Westley, first-time author, "Stories From The Heart, Vol. 2"

"After all these years of scraps of paper, finally magical sense! And seeing myself in print makes me feel complete." Jane Madeline, first-time author, "Stories From The Heart, V. 2."

“It’s just plain fun!” Sophie Chudacoff, 94 year old dynamo, writer/fund raiser for City of Hope

And a few more:

“Expands my mind.”
“Enlivening, spirited discussions in writings.”
“Interesting and inspirational.”
“Wonderfully uplifting.” 
“The participants are nice, the group inclusive; I’ve made a lot of new friends.”

CREATE A BEGINNERS OR ADVANCED CLASS FOR YOUR OWN GROUP WITH INA IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA: Contact Ina by e-mail. (To reduce the awful spam, we have started using this form. Just click over the dots to insure you're a human, and the full address will appear. We apologize but spam is awful as is theft of our email address to spam others!)

Also available: Private coaching in writing memoirs, fiction, publishing. Looking for:

  • Motivation?
  • Help in structuring your memoirs?
  • Practical writing tips and tools?

Interested? Contact Ina:

What Happens in Ina's Memoir and Fiction Writing Workshops?

You'll get to experiment with a wide range of prompts and easy exercises that jog your memories. You'll find it easier than you thought to transform treasured moments into beautiful stories on paper. You'll also get ideas for structuring both short stories and books. And you'll get an opportunity to be published, online here at and in books (see next paragraph).

Special techniques draw on Ina's experiences as a writer and publisher of best selling books, newsletters and articles, and in working with people around the country. She also draws on her books, How to Write Your Memoirs:  Fun Prompts to make Writing…and Reading…Your Life Stories a Pleasure,©, bestseller Pawprints, the book of furry memoirs, and the Stories From The Heart ©  series, compilations of writings by members of her Pawprints Writing Club™. (Vol. 2 became an Top Seller; the third in the series was published in spring of this year. Scroll down to see more.)


We are pleased to report that we had a full house (65) at Ina's recent Memoir Writing Workshop sponsored by the Burbank Public Library. People who came included an Emmy Award winning comedy writer, a creative writing teacher with an MFA in her field, actors, and folks from many other walks of life, countries and eras.

Many thanks to Program and Publicity whiz, Louise Paziak, and staff for all their support. Thanks also to Ms. Paziak for writing Ina:

"I wanted to thank you for providing our patrons with a wonderfully creative afternoon. It was exhilarating to see such a diverse group of people turning out for the class and determined to improve their writing...Creative writing is still vitally important in this era of text messaging and cell phones. Everyone had a story to tell and it was really fascinating to listen to them share their memories. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in on your class.” Don't live in the Los Angeles area? Click here to start a memoir writing club in your home town.

Click here to find out more about a Creative/Fiction Writing club
if you're not in the L.A. area...

If you live in Los Angeles, you are also welcome to come to our free class Monday mornings for seniors. Click for de-tails.

New! We Writing Class Training for Groups!  FOR SENIOR CENTERS/ COMMUNITY GROUPS/ CORPORATE ORGANIZATIONS: Ina Hillebrandt, founder and Executive Director of Pawprints Literacy Plus, is available to train your staff. Unique, easy to learn creativity and motivation tips and tools that make it easy to help your adult and senior members and staff to get all the benefits of writing their memoirs -- a heightened sense of well being, enthusiasm for living, knowledge they are creating a valuable gift for themselves and their families. 

Classes also available for your members, residents. 

Both training and classes includes optional book production and design.  For more information on senior living staff and training programs, click the button below:

  Seniors Classes

NOTE TO ALL:  We publish the best short stories on our site -- you may want to submit your own short stories
for consideration.  

Corporate training for creative writing/team building also available from Ina, a Fortune 500 Consultant for 20+ years for clients such as SEARS, VISA, IBM, etc.

For more information on Senior or corporate classes or training, email us. If you wish to speak with Ina personally, just include a number where she can reach you.

Click for more information on Kids' Literacy, Writing and Reading programs, and the  Pawprints Kids Writing Clubs. 

More Writing Tips 'n' Tales on Ina's Blog


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