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Kids Do Say The Darndest Things!

New York kids' stories! Here are some gems from the kids in Mr. Yerger's 6th grade class at Wagner Middle School for your reading pleasure.

By Gabriel deL.

Armadillos are furtive little creatures. Their balls of protection don't just hide them from their enemies, but from life's troubles. They stay cozy in their balls, alone. Often I would think that these armadillos are lucky. They have an isolated room away from the world. If only I could do that, hiding from my problems. I'd be alone. Isolated in my own little world.


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My Second Dog
By Joshua S.

When I was 6 my second dog was brought home at night.  It was supposed to be a surprize, but that little sucker bit my hand.  I woke up in a sudden shock.  Then he growled like he was suppossed to sleep in my bed.  So, first he slept with me.  When I woke I had a bad feeling.  I felt my shirt.  The tip was wet.  Then I felt Fluffy.  EEEWWW Fluffy wizzed on my bed.


What is She?
By Rebecca K.

At home we have a dog.  Or so I thought.  You see, she is a mix of everything.  A turtle because of her slowness in the morning, a cheetah because of her fast running, a rabbit because she jumps so high when we have one of her toys, a cat because she pounces!  And last, but not lest, she is my sister because she will only eat the finest foods. 

Now, tell me again, where does the dog part come in?



Hamster Attack!
By Perri F.

We bought two female hampsters with many exsesseries. We got home and six hours later they were out of the apartment, for my brother was allergic and his face blew up like a balloon.

Bye, bye hampsters.



By Eliana T.

When I read "Sam Cat" (in "Pawprints"), it reminded me when we got our cats.  About 10 years before I was born my parents had cats -- Romeow, Juliet and Princess.  When I was five, Romeow and Juliet died.  It was horrible.  But when I was 6, Princess was 18 by then.  We got two new ones. Mango and Tinsel.  Tinsel admired {Mango] and ever since she died Tinsel has been just like her.  A dainty, shy lady, yet the boss.

Just like [Sam], she's afraid of the rug. [Like Tamba], Tinsel thinks the dishwasher has a creature in it that will come out any minute.  And Mango thinks medicine cups are the greatest toys.

Pets give you funny memories.


Bunnies and Raccoons
By Nicole S.

I especially liked the story (in "Pawprints") called "Raccoon in a Can," because it reminds me about the small baby rabbits I had.  They were so small that when they got dirty, we had to dip them in a tiny cup of water. And that story made me happy when I thought about my bunnies. 

I also remember when I had to let all the bunnies free, because the mom rabbit just kept on having babies so we couldn't take care of them all.  So my brother, my dad and I all drove up to Yonkers and a nice place for them to live in the wild.  The strange thing was when we can get back to the same place (because I go there often), two rabbits at a time popped out of the bushes and onto our feet.  We were afraid that they might have gotten ticks, but we petted them anyway.  After we were done, they hopped back into the forest happily. 

Stories reprinted from Mr. Yerger's class at Wagner Middle School with the authors' and parents' permission. 

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