The Pawprints Literacy Plus Program is Proud to Award The Staff of EPICCC For Support in Our Promoting Literacy and Kindness to Animals Goals

Director of Child Care, Dahna Hall, receives award for her commitment and support of literacy and humane treatment of animals, fellow humans, and the environment for work at Baldwin Hills, and is now Director of Child Care at EPICC


Ina with Child Care Staff at EPICC, Exposition Park Intergenerational Community Center.  From left:  Ina, Dahna Hall, Yvonne Alvarez, Syleah Gentry, Kelly Teich, Christopher Foster, Associates.  Not pictured:  Child Care Associate Will Smith, and Recreation Assistants Orlando Halloway, Alex Sanchez, Monica Kelley

The Pawprints Literacy Plus program can only succeed with the support of the talented staffs of the agencies and schools with whom we work.  We are very grateful for the skill and commitment of the people at the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks *EPICC (Exposition Park Intergenerational Community Center) for their commitment to helping us promote literacy, plus kindness to animals, each other, and the environment. 

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