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Pawpress is proud to announce the launch of our new book by Alon Mintz -- Wine, Women, Whispers

Wine, Women, Whispers....Tales by a master storyteller who was kidnapped, twice! Almost killed by the best hospital in London…A boxer...Serial entrepreneur... Lover of ladies, food and wine

Reviews: What people are saying about the book by Alon Mintz, a.k.a. Rocky Mintziano, Adam Savage, Ali Mintez...

"Wine, Women, Whispers is about a quirky and very interesting man of the world...I loved the homage to his mother, which is very tender. The makes me want to know more about the author -- whether he is called Alon Mintz (his given name), Rocky Mintziano, Adam Savage, Adam Stephens, or Ali Mintz. His crazy and not so crazy escapades are fun to read, and make me kind of envious that I haven't done half the things he has in his lifetime." Susan Pinkus, Former Director, Los Angeles Times Polls

"Congratulations on a wonderful accomplishment. Your book is a time machine that those of us with cameos in the later chapters have been hoping would come along." Andrew Kehagiaras, esq., Roberts & Kehagiaras LLP

"Dear Alon -- I've read the first pages, and will go on reading after finishing a screenplay I am due to deliver by the end of the week. But I couldn't help starting to read right away. It reminds me of Phillip Roth. I like the way you travel back and forth in time, connecting the stories with an emotional link rather than a strictly chronologic one. Congratulations on a Herculean feat. Ate Logo, Artur"
Artur Riberio, Screenwriter, Director

"Alon, your story is riveting. Thank you so much for sharing it with me." Kathy Aaronson, President, Sales Athlete Executive Search

"Wine, Women, Whispers is written in an easy to follow and captivating fashion. I like the stories, which seem almost surreal at times. They captured my interest because they take place in an international arena. I, too, have lived in or traveled to a number of places in the book. It was intriguing to revisit them through the author's perspective. A fun read." Moty Zahavi. writer, actor, former Israeli soldier

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