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How to Write Your Memoirs' by Ina Hillebrandt...Makes writing your life histories fun!
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About Ina

Coach Ina is a proven expert on
Memoirs, Humor, Pets, Senior

On memoir writing, Coach Ina is known for helping people open up and write about their life stories, those who have never written before and those who have but may be new to the memoir genre. People who attend her one hour sessions and longer interactive seminars attest to her ability to help recall vividly "memories long forgotten," and to write them down in a compelling style. Ina's goal is to help everyone enjoy the writing, so when Sophie Chudacoff said, "It's just plain fun!" everyone in the class agreed.

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About Pets, Ina Wrote the Book!

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The Pawprints Tail

Corporate and Nonprofit Speaking and Workshops

Where the emphasis is on using the power of lightening up inside -- through proven interactive tools -- to help employees at all levels be the best they can be, and perform at their peak professionally, and in their personal lives.

The UnWorkshops

Media Appearances

Ina as Marietta Mandible, mentor for one of her books, on CU@USC

Marietta Mandible surprised at the pot

Ina as Marietta Mandible, mentor for her book You Are Who You Eat, on CU@USC with host extraordinaire, Aaron Kerman.

Ina has appeared as a guest on a number of TV, online video and audio programs to discuss the power of humor in life and in writing, and how important animals are to humans and the planet. This includes a kindness to animals plus creative writing module in an Educators' Workshop event for the Jane Goodall Institute, an Intellicom University segment on seniors' programs broadcast nationally by PBS. She was being a frequent guest on the local NBC news while living in Carmel, CA, and appeared on ABC, KTLA, WXEL Florida PBS. She appears with the renowned Frankie Boyer, and is a frequent guest of talk show hosts Jiggy Jaguar and Rose Colombo, talking about a variety of subjects having to do with writing, humor, and pets, and is a regular contributor to bi-monthly meetings of the Book Publicists of Southern California, founded by industry icon Irwin Zucker. And she has appeared as a guest on one of the top podcasts worldwide, Relatable Voice, with fellow environmentalist Lucia Mutuonto. Most recent: California Creative Writers Conference, March 4, 2023: Topic: Creating Memorable Characters to Develop Your Plot. Below are a few programs now streaming 24/7.


Memoirs, Tales

Nationally renowned Talk Show Host Frankie Boyer asks Ina to give memoir writing tips and swaps stories about writing, pets, and living a fulfilling life.

Air Date: Monday, August 16, 2021,
2:00 pm EDT
Streaming from The Frankie Boyer Show. Thank you Frankie!



Yes, men write memoirs! These stories detail breath-taking moments. The authors overcame challenges to their very lives. Tune in to see how, and why a woman’s on the panel!

De-Coding His Story: Men Who Write Memoirs
TheBookFest Spring 2022

Let’s take a journey behind the curtains and find out what drives men to write their memoirs. This panel will deliver insights about how men get the courage to become vulnerable and expose their souls in front of the readers, how they chose the aspects of their lives they put into their books, and introduce you to male memoir authors you don’t want to miss.
Now Streaming live 24/7 at

The Relatable Voice Podcast
The Relatable Voice Podcast
Dec 9, 2022
Now Streaming 24/7
EVERYBODY can make a difference! Ina Hillebrandt is a memoir coach and an author.

Host, Lucia Matuonto
Author, Environmentalist, and exemplary human

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Ina's YouTube Channel

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