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The UnWorkshops

Welcome to the UnWorkshops! The En-Lightened Keys to Productivity,

Innovative Thinking and Life Balance!

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About Ina

What are The UnWorkshops?

The UnWorkshops are workshops and seminars that deliver powerful, practical tools and techniques, in a refreshing, invitingly light tone. We offer programs for corporate clients, health care professionals and private care givers, and for government and educational organizations.

Un-Workshop programs are designed to enhance the lives of people professionally and personally, improving the effectiveness and profitability of individual attendees and organizations alike. When the Un-Workshop tools are used in organizations for staff development,  our clients report their people want to come to work. Bottom lines improve. And employees say, "I'm happier!"

All our programs are keyed to the needs of the organization. Programs are available in one hour, half-day, full day and weekend modules. They can also serve your group's needs in a single, one-time session or ongoing series.

Our most popular programs are:

  • Comic Release -- using humor tools to improve productivity and customer service
  • Idea Magic -- bringing creativity into product and service development
  • Nurturer, Nurture Thyself! - for caregivers, who are often so busy taking care of a loved one in need that they neglect their own health and well-being. Tools to prevent burnout and to help you help!
  • Grief Lifters - concrete tools to help people cope with the loss of a spouse; developed by Ina from work with hundreds of survivors throughout the United States, plus personal experience and research
  • Memoirs and Creative Writing -- Interactive workshops, offsites and talks designed to get people who are afraid of the "I can't write!" And "Who cares?" monsters. Good for improving the writing of staff members, and executives. Also available: memoir/bio/coaching and ghost writing for company founders, other staff. Contact us for more information.

    There is a foolish corner in the brain of the wisest man.”  Aristotle

A few testimonials:

“Ina's work tickles the intellect and creates a new way of seeing ourselves, the world and our place in it. In fact, just being in Ina's presence calms the soul and heals the rough spots we may have experienced.”
Tom Beardslee, Associate Vice President, Dean Witter

“An innovative business thrives on creative thinking. Ina Hillebrandt’s exercises in her workshop and her book, ‘Diving Boards,’ are a great way for business managers to stimulate their employees to think creatively.”
Ripple Huth, Business Consultant and Trainer

“Comic Release is a great idea. I think every professional care-giver should attend, maybe once a month. It's a great stress reliever, and in our work we face a lot of stress every day. “
Sarah Hawthorne, RN

“I recommend the services provided by Ina Hillebrandt with enthusiasm. Ina is one of those rare individuals who consistently provides a high level of professionalism and creativity as a facilitator. Her approach is unique, inspires teamwork and ultimately delivers real productivity to the process. In conjunction with programs at Shearson and Citibank, she was an important link in the development of value-added programs, as well as fostering better teamwork within the organizations involved. In short, she is a real professional who is always helpful in moving the business forward.”
John S. Lacorazza, Vice President
Citibank and Shearson-Lehman; Partner, Gotham Marketing

Are you working in/own a business? Read how our programs can be applied:
-Workshops for Corporate Clients

Government/health care provider? Check into our programs geared to your needs, including programs to nurture nurturers.

Partial Client List

Interested in finding out more about how our programs can help your organization, or how to book Ina for a workshop, seminar or keynote? Contact us at:
annap at


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Ina Hillebrandt, Memoir Coach
Be the Best You Can Be

In these unsettled times, employees are on edge. The best thing management can do is bring someone in from outside the organization to listen. And then translate needs and ideas for helping their staff regain equilibrium, and perform at their best.


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