Excerpts from the new Stories From the Heart, Vol. II


From great grape fiascos to wars … Compelling memoirs from different countries, times and points of view  

 “Winkie was the joy of my life…Stretched out on my bed she covered the whole length…The pup was part of a litter produced from an illicit affair between Bunny’s Great Dane and the neighbor’s Boxer...When I first started seeing young men, I found out what kind of shape they were in when Winkle bounded out the front door. The fit ones would easily clear the front fence.”  Kay Roberts

 “At Cherbourg, we took the Orient Express to Budapest …” Sophie Chudacoff

 “Perhaps it was the ritual and mystery surrounding the kosher wine that intrigued the Protestant/ Catholic in us kids. Anyhow, we wanted some! So…” Jane Madeline

 “One parachute came out the door before it crashed.  Ack-ack - they were setting up a barrage - resembled a thick carpet below us, mostly aimed to explode at the lower level of the earliest tow-planes or gliders in our train.”  Howard Westley

 “Africa grips me by the throat. Shakes me like a dog with a rat, refusing to let me go.  I stand on its soil, bask in its light and listen to its past compacted by layers of time beyond thought…The voice of passion is released in the startled flight of bush doves, the sound of wet laundry slapped by wind.” André Van Zijl

For a glimpse of more stories from the book, visit the pages where we have posted excerpts

Full Stories From The Heart Tales



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