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The Sounds Of The Fog

A Short 'Tail' From Pawprints, by Ina

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It feels really weird sometimes to live on the Central Coast. Like right now. I am bathed in strong sunshine, but on either side of where I stand, and ahead out in the ocean, the fog is rolling in. Foghorns are blowing in the background. I feel odd, in a vaguely melancholy mood. The light is not clear. There is darkness around the edges, as the horizon wears its charcoal fog mantle.

It's as if the joy of the sunlit moment is to be transient -- soon darkness will envelop and sadden those in its path.

And then I hear something snorting not far off. Looking up, I see a sleek harbor seal, trying to get comfortable on a rock to soak up the sun. Now, in the distance, a bunch of seals bark near Fisherman's Wharf. And the gentle surf washes in and out around the rocks.

Squirrel chirps round out the scene, and lift a fog I realize is internal. For usually, fog and foghorns strike me as wildly romantic.

It's just that now that part of my life has gone on sabbatical.





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1993, 1999  Ina S. Hillebrandt

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