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A Short Tail From Pawprints, by Ina

Moonlit Fox

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"Moonlit Fox" from Pawprints performed by Hip Hop Artist Will B



             Short story for, about the magical power of a fox, for kids, grownups, educators

             Short prose poem for animal and nature lovers, kids, teens, parents, educators and people seeking inner peace



I was sixteen years old, and living in Southern California. Driving was finally possible, and I was ecstatic.

One sleepless night, at three o'clock in the morning, I decided to take my father's car out for a drive. With no clear destination in mind, I found myself in the mountains. It was gorgeous. There was a full moon, a clear sky filled with stars. There was so much light I turned off my headlights to enjoy the feel of it all.

It was then that I saw the silver fox ahead of me, at the side of the road. I stopped the car. We stood motionless, gazing at each other for some time. Finally, I started the engine, and slowly he loped off.

I drove back home, feeling somehow filled with magic.







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1993, 1999 Ina S. Hillebrandtt

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