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Start Your Own Footprints Memoir Writing Club!


Have you been thinking about writing  stories of your own life? Some reasons you might consider plucking those notes from the shoebox and developing them now:

  • Because your kids and grandkids will be thrilled to find out more about you.
  • Because your experiences can help teach others valuable lessons...and fascinate them.
  • Because writing your recollections will also help you ... the  process heals old hurts.
  • Finally, because it really isnít nearly as hard as you think.  Try it. As Ina says, itís easier than you think, just like Ö


Step 1. Create your group -- yourself and friends who would also like to tap into their creative genies. 

As few as four people can make a very good start, and up to about ten a good limit. This will allow each member to be able to share stories with the group and get feedback as you begin your writing journey together.  As a rule of thumb, meetings should be held in places where your group can be free of others' ears and eyes, should last about two hours, and be held on a weekly basis.  A regularly scheduled time helps reinforce members' commitment.

Step 2. Get our new, really easy to use book How to Write Your Memoirs, for yourself and friends. As in the Pawprints Creative/Fiction Writing Clubs, founders will get a free copy of "Diving Boards" upon proof of purchase of at least 6 copies of How to Write Your Memoirs. (Scroll down to see how.)

Step 3.  In your first meeting, read the introductory section to get some ideas on structures that might work for you.  Once you have determined how you want to proceed, turn to the section in the Table of Contents that relates to your thinking.  Use the prompts to jog your memory and write for a half hour during your meeting.  Read aloud and critique, as above.

Alternative Step 3.  Open the book to any page after the Table of Contents and use the prompt(s) on the page to stimulate the group!

Step 4. Join our InasPawprints.com Memoir Writing  Club and receive benefits of being able to be published online, and getting ongoing ideas to help keep the groups' stories flowing, how to improve recall, how to support each other when a particular memory is difficult, and much more.

Special for Pawprints MEMOIR Writing Club founders:  Just send us confirmation that your group has bought at least 6 copies of How To Write Your Memoirs and you'll receive a free Pawprints Journal!   Scroll down to see how.*

Step 5 and following.  Learn how to make the most out of your sessions through our Pawprints Memoir Writing Club .. ongoing memory jogs, tips to keep members motivated, and much more.

NOTE:  Would you rather work on your own at home? Join our virtual club online! Individual subscribers will receive valuable tips that will help keep the words and images flowing, and organized, and you can also send Ina up to three questions and receive a personalized answer! Just $10 for a three month membership!

*ATTN: PAWPRINTS WRITING CLUB AND MEMOIR WRITING CLUB FOUNDERS:  To get your free book, send us a copy of your groups' book receipts using our contact us info.

New! Memoir Writing Classes, Training for Groups! 

FOR SENIOR CENTERS/ COMMUNITY GROUPS/ CORPORATE ORGANIZATIONS:  Ina Hillebrandt, founder and Executive Director of Pawprints Literacy Plus, is available to train your staff. Unique, easy to learn creativity and motivation tips and tools that make it easy to help your adult and senior members and staff to get all the benefits of writing their memoirs -- a heightened sense of well being, enthusiasm for living, knowledge they are creating a valuable gift for themselves and their families. 

Classes also available for your members, residents. 

Both training and classes includes optional book production and design.  For more information on senior living staff and training programs, click the link:

Classes for Senior Living/Community Centers, Staff Training

NOTE TO ALL:  We publish the best short stories on our site -- you may want to
submit your own short stories for consideration.  

Corporate training for creative writing/team building also available from Ina, a Fortune 500 Consultant for 20+ years for clients such as SEARS, VISA, IBM, etc.

For more information on Senior or corporate classes or training, contact us.

Click for more information on Kids' Literacy, Writing and Reading programs, and the  Pawprints Kids Writing Clubs.