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Penguin Fantasy

A Short Tail From Pawprints, by Ina

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               Short story 'Penguin Fantasy' from, the place for creative writing, healing, laughing, for kids, adults, seniors, educators




Remember long, long ago, when Jack Benny was on television? Remember the show in which, as he was alone on the stage, talking to the audience, a penguin walked behind him and exited stage right? Of course, Jack Benny stared straight ahead, deadpan. A moment later, more penguins filed by. And finally, several went across the stage on roller skates. It was absolutely wonderful.

Now we have the Flying Penguini. Three little beanbag penguins that come in a can. For juggling. I've ordered lots of cans of penguini. I like having them around, even though I haven't learned to juggle yet.

In the play Nunsense, one of my favorite gags went approximately like this:

"One of the things I like best about this show is that nobody's making any penguin jokes."

"Right," the other nuns on stage agree. And then they shuffle off, arms stiff at their sides, rocking from side to side as they walk, penguin-style, offstage.

I wonder if penguins make any nun jokes.




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