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Of all the things author Gene Zahn has done in his 92 years, his service career makes him proudest, and memories of his beautiful wife Judy make him smile the most.

Born in The Bronx, New York, Gene grew up with loving parents who were affluent yet liberal, and who instilled a strong work ethic, moral courage and impeccable manners in Gene and his two brothers. Gene’s way with words began in earnest in NYU, where he was managing Editor of the college’s magazine, and blossomed when he created a journal while attending ROTC courses at a special campus of the school. The journal was considered an innovation; in it he wrote and published stories describing life at the school, which served as an attractor for others to attend. A few years later, one month after the U.S. entered WWII, Gene enlisted. His college degree, along with analytic and typing skills enabled him to move up in rank quickly. He was promoted to Staff Sergeant -- a level 4 steps above his original status as Recruit -- within three months, which was unusual, and kept getting rapid promotions. When the war ended, he held the rank of Captain.

Following active duty, Gene joined the Army Reserves, and retired 35 years later as a Lt. Colonel, two steps away from General. During the course of these years both pre- and post-WWII, Gene worked, in the family’s tradition, in the dress and later sportswear business. His father had built, from nothing, Gene is proud to say, the largest dress manufacturing company in the nation, and Gene worked in that firm, later founding an independent ladies wear sales consulting business. It was in this capacity that the author met the love of his life, Judy. Prior to this fortuitous event, Gene was no stranger to the fair sex, but it was Judy who captured his heart. She was not only beautiful, but saucy. The story of their courtship we would call today a “hoot.” You can read about it in the full bio in his book.  

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